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  1. For me, the hardest thing about acne isn't the physical pain of having inflamed, red lumps come up frequently, but the fact that barely anyone else seems to have them. Being at college, I constantly look around to see if anyone has the same problem, but most people have near flawless, "normal" skin. This is one of the hardest things to cope with as you constantly ask the question "why me?". Leaving high school, I was one of those people that never had to worry. Limecycline had kept my skin cle
  2. Harry44

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    Hi, my name is Harry. I first started getting moderate acne when I was 15 years old; about a year ago. I'd tried all kinds of over-the-counter face washes, cleaners etc. but nothing improved my acne, so I went to the GP who prescribed the oral medication limecycline. Within about 6 weeks I was completely clear and carried on taking this medication for six months. At this point I stopped using the medication to see if the acne had gone permenantely; Unfortunately it hadn't and I was put back on l