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  1. I did spot treat it with the Retin-A yesterday and i dont think it did anything at all like your posts say. I was able to get rid of it today though and am not as pissed today as i was yesterday as i can just wait for it to heal now. Thanks to all who replied.
  2. When i was younger i used differin cream and it helped to bring pimples to the surface. I don't use it anymore but recently got a pimple and i really want to draw it to the surface. Can i use my roomates Retin-A gel or does Retin-A not do that.
  3. I think its called ichtyol b/c i tried googling it. Does a drug store like eckerd carry it?
  4. i started getting it when i was 15 (mild), 16-17 (mild/moderate), 18-20 (mild), 21 (my current age and my acne is finally going away. I have really noticed my skin clearing up in the past year or so. I am normally clear now minus a few miniscule whiteheads here and there. I haven't done anything special either, im not on a regimen and i only shower once a day and just use water to wash. So i guess i would say this is my 6th year with acne. I have a theory about acne for teens who really want cle
  5. I have been using cetaphil moisturizing lotion for about 3 years and do not feel it is helping my skin at all. It may give me temporary relief from dry skin but after showering it feels as though my skin is even more dry than the previous day. Like if i use it on an area of my face i dont normally the next day that area is even more dry. I need a moisturizer that wont break me out and that will help to heal my dry skin rather than just simply temporary relieve it. I have read people posing tha
  6. I have noticed that my skin is extremely clear in times that i dont have school. Im in college and for some reason i feel like it breaks me out to go to campus. For example the entire month i was out for christmas break i had little to no acne and i was working a lot. I got into that mood of having clear skin for so long that i was like, "hey am i ever going to get an annoying breakout again?" But of course i have since then. It is something about school that does it and i cant quite put my fing
  7. Im 21 and right now my skin is clearer than its been since i was 16. I started getting acne when i was 15 but it didnt bother me until about 16. Never severe just mild but i noticed it started to get better around 20. I also believe for guys your skin will start clearing up once you start getting facial hair. That is true for me and a lot of my friends. Right now my skin is pretty good, but i am self-concious about my skin unless it is 100% clear. I think i have been spoiled by days of perfect s
  8. Thanks for your posts....everyone is helpful on this site. Yeah i agree with barsonly1 that it just takes time. I have never found anything to help speed the healing process. Maybe I will try taking some Vit C pills. It might boost my immune system a little. Why cant we all just be like Wolverine and cuts would regenerate in like 2 seconds.
  9. Last night i went to bed with two whiteheads and had to get rid of them this morning because they were annoying me. I know if i had left them alone they would have eventually dried up but i would rather have a tiny scab than a whithead (as someone else already said today). Anyways, i know these marks normally take about 2 days to go away but does anyone have any ideas. My 21st birthday is Saturday and I am very self-concious and want my skin to look as good as possible. I know that neosporin hel
  10. i was just wondering the same thing. I recently bought a box of 50 clean and clear oil removing sheets for $5 b/c i was going to NY to visit family and it seemed like it would be an easy way to remove oil. They work great but are wayyyy to expensive for me as i went through the pack in about a week. Somebody please let us know about other products that are way cheaper. p.s. dont come on here and say "oh this has been talked about so many times just read past threads". That really annoys me and
  11. wow for real???? I eat peanut butter toast every day (sometimes up to 10 slices) and i never noticed any more breakouts than when i dont. Like if i were to go on vacation for a week and not eat any peanut butter toast i dont notice a difference. I had no idea peanut butter is a problem for acne prone skin. Is this proven or is it just another one of those myths like chocolate???
  12. I stay away from grapes b/c i think they break me out. I could be wrong and it might just be coincidence but it seems like every time i eat them i will break out a little the next day. It probably isnt true its just me blaming it on the grapes. I just try to stay away from fruit in general b/c it seems to break me out. Who knows probably my imagination.
  13. I am just curious as to what people recommend for showers for people with mild acne. Would you suggest 1 or 2 showers a day? Would you suggest washing your face with cold or warm water? For the past 6 months i have only been taking 1 shower a day and not washing my face any other part of the day. Also recently i have been washing the soap off my face with colder water and i think it is better for my skin. I use Dove bar soap (Sensitive Skin kind) and it seems to work fine i guess. I have found
  14. I totally agree with the original poster of this thread. Most of my friends have clear skin now but did not back in middle school and high school. For example i had a friend who i met in 8th grade who had pretty moderate acne, so i guess he was probably 13. He probably even developed it before then b/c 8th grade was the first time i met him. Anyways, by 12th grade his face was completely clear and i dont think he ever saw a derm or went on any special regimens, he just outgrew it. Now he has the