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  1. Kefir is also great when you're sick.
  2. Just find some of the hottest hot sauce you can find, and eat some with every meal, that'll clean you out real good.
  3. I've been waiting for someone to post a run-down on zinc usage, I had been taking a different type of zinc, and it was making me feel sick so I stopped, I'll look into this other type, sounds good.
  4. I seriously damaged my teeth from snacking on lemons when I was younger, fortunately my adult teeth came in and I wised up, but seriously, be careful, enamel is very important, and when it's gone it's gone.(I think?)
  5. Got this Facial wash called Loreal Pure zone, it's an acne treatment that is 2.5% SA, I really like it, It also seems to have some moisturizer in it, and some nutrients or something, it never leaves my skin over-dry or irritated, just clean and nice feeling. It has accelerated the death of active zits, making them come to a white-head faster then kind of drying off. It hasn't really done anything to my face on a whole, but it has been good for treating current acne. just thought I'd pass it o
  6. Saw an Ad on TV about some, um I think they were neosporin brand scar treatment strips. I guess they work more or less like a peel, but they are self contained strips, not too big, not too small, they are supposed to pretty drastically reduce the appearance of scars. anyone have any more information about this? I have fairly mild acne(although right now I'm dealing with 3 pretty gnarly pimples) but I have a lot of old scars and red marks, granted, they don't generally detract from my face(not
  7. My mom recently started cooking with coconut oil like *all* the time. Pretty much replacing regular oils entirely(except f or some things) well...I'm away at school so this doesn't affect me in the slightest :-s but she was very optimistic about it's many health benefits
  8. Okay, so I had a cyst forming on my chest(I know right?! chest what the fuck?! ) so anyway, I had this big ass cyst forming there and I was like "fuck you cyst I'm not going to take it this time" So I Vinegared that bad boy, Undiluted ACV vinegar, for about 20 minutes. This was before I went to bed. I wake up and this nasty ass cyst which was really getting gross, well, it's been reduced to a red mark with a slight bump. So I've been applying vinegar nightly for 4 nights now, as well as som
  9. I was talking to a holistic healer a while ago and she was preaching this to no end. That's her method, she regimens people and aides them at alkalizing. Not like Over alkalizing, but since most people are overly acidic..ya know? Well, it was pretty interesting listening to her, she was saying how it will cure pretty much anything, including cancer. This was when my BS meter turned on, but she supported it, apparently Tumors are caused by acidic build up or something like that, and that by Al