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  1. Avocado - Sorry for being AWOL; been busy with work. Just wanted to check in. Things on my end are pretty bad as well. Starting to get red marks that pop up with no heads; best way to describe them would be misquito bites but not itchy at all. My skin isn't overly dry but it definately looks tanned and very rough. But we'll push through, am I right?
  2. I'm glad to hear! Looks like you are doing much better than I am. Earlier this week, I had a couple of break outs on my right check but kind of flattened since last night. I think these breakouts might be from the clogged pores I had ever since my first year in college. Also experiencing a slight discoloration of the face; looks like I got a tan. My jawline is very defined so its different very noticeable. Week 1 down for us!
  3. Avocado - Looks like we started the regimen on the same day. I'll be checking in from time to time to see how our results compare! Unlike your results, I have minor peeling and am using the acne.org products. Good luck
  4. I can relate - I was diagnosed with OCD and minor depression about 4 years ago and was prescribed Prozac. The drug broke me out tremendously as well as a slight weight gain. Not one of my fondest memories...
  5. Face red as Rudolph's nose. Crying over it won't make it heal faster though so I'm just going to continue on and go to work.
  6. Greetings all, I'm sure there are lots of people with the same question as I do - Started the regimen a week ago and my face became bright red - the different in skin tone color was so distinct that you could see where I didn't apply BP/tretinoin. Few days has gone by and the redness subsided and now I'm left with darker skin tone. Will my skin tone eventually even out with proper moisturizing? Anyone have any tips? Thanks.
  7. Have you tried some Vitamin A supplements? I think they are fairly cheap on Amazon.
  8. Quick question for you @Alyssa - Has your face gotten red from using the BP? I am on the verge of starting this regimen and the only thing worse than acne is acne with red skin.