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  1. Adam619313

    Acid Peel At Home Help

    I am planning on doing a glycolic acid peel at home hopefully today if I can get the answer to my question, I am doing it for the red marks/scars I have left from my cystic acne and to clear up the pimples I have atm I have waited for all open skin to heal and my face is now ready for the acid but the one thing I'm still unsure about is wether or not I can put it on my eyebrows I have a lot of red marks under and around my eyebrows so I want to put the acid on them but I'm worried it may effect
  2. I have cystic acne and Seb derm on my face the Seb derm is also on my scalp. I currently have the Seb Derm under control on both my scalp and face by using ACV and Tea Tree Oil which also seems to be helping my acne although I am still breaking out regularly. Basically I gave up all the sh*tty benzoyl peroxides and washes and all the other harsh chemical products months ago, my regimen at the minute consists of washing my face with water in the morning letting it dry, applying ACV and water m
  3. Adam619313

    Need A Cleanser

    Ok so I am pretty much over the worst of my acne now I did have bad cystic acne but the cysts have hugely decreased in size and I am now starting to see signs of improvement in the red marks they left behind. I do still get the odd pimple though so I was wondering if someone could recommend a good NATURAL cleanser that will help to keep my skin clean without striping it of natural oils or drying it out, and I also want a moisturizer of some kind preferably in gel form or something that isn't
  4. I have decided I want to try vitamins as a way to improve my nodular acne, I have been researching vitamins and so far I have read that the vitamins which supposedly help are Vitamins A, E and C, Selenium, Zinc and MSM. Is it okay for me to take all of these vitamins everyday? How much of each should I take each day? And can anyone suggest a routine for me to take the vitamins for example take certain vitamins in the morning and take the others at night? Thanks
  5. I am considering a cortisone injection to treat my nodular acne as I do not want to be left with scars and want it treated. I have researched the injection and found that it can sometimes result in an indent in the the skin or atrophy to use the correct term, after the injection. My question is, how likely is this side effect, is it rare or common, some facts and figures and statistics would be great and also sources would be appreciated.