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  1. please read my whole post entitled "***UPDATED**** Why some people are clear" This at least will tell you all the fundamentals of the healthiest skin, after which you can begin to determine what to do. It's long but will help a lot. Things I would ask you are: what is your daughter's diet like? Many people who grow up eating all this processed food and processed fats all the sudden have bad skin, because they eat SOOO much of it. Also, she could have developed allergies to chemicals in
  2. please read my whole post, "why some are clear" you may need to do extra work and you can get clear.
  3. creatine is no problem. Too much protein can be a problem. 1g per 1lb is too much, can affect health negatively. over 100g grams is a bit much, although every body builder will tell you to do this.
  4. I am amazed that the topic of "having a healthy liver" hasn't even come up on this thread. I searched every page and every post for the word liver, and although it shows up a few times it is typically in reference to the food stuff "liver". So why hasn't anyone looked at this? More effective than drugs and blockers is... YOUR BODY. your body in a high level of health can typically eliminate allergies, in rare conditions where an extreme allergy is present, other things can be done with medi
  5. 8 days ago I had aftershave applied to my whole hair line after a hair cut. I have studied skin care in depth so I knew I should go home and wash it off immediately even though the barber had wiped off a lot of it already (there is still a residue). What happened? I have small breakouts across this hairline now. Since my skin stays 98% clear I can notice when I have problems and what they are from quicker than most. Lesson: Even putting a minor chemical on your skin can make you breakout 3
  6. The soap is excellent AND some people might be allergic to it. Quick note on the paleo diet, it works for a lot of people! Why? because a lot of people have trouble with trashy foods in America (nasty sugars and horible carbs that people make 50-60% of their diet) and then they switch to the paleo diet, and bam! they go from 50-60% trash in their diet to a lot less toxins. People who eat meat 3 times a day though, this isn't that great on the body either, but why so much success? Well,
  7. wow. go read my post. Avoid products until you get clear or 95% clear. then find out what works so you don't have to wonder what is causing the irritation. Foundations of clear skin.
  8. I'd like to second that ... Bob and Romeo you guys have been probably the 2 most helpful people here over the last few months as I begin my search to find a lifestyle (i think that word fits better than "regimen") that will not just help my skin but help me as a person. You guys are supportive and offer advice, but not in the sense that you say, "Do the Paleo Diet or don't bother changing your diet at all" or "XYZ product helps everyone" ... Bob I love how you even said in the OP things like "if