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  1. as a hairstylist i would go with the first one, but i would go a little shorter on the length. right below the shoulders with medium length layers. this will give you some volume, keeping the length where it won't make your face look more round, and the side bang will give you some angles. hth!
  2. colorstay gives awesome coverage....it clogged me though. but many have success with it.
  3. i use clinique take the day off balm as well. i use a waterproof ss so i have to use an oil to remove it. haven't tried any others, but am happy with the clinique so there's no need to.
  4. aquaphor gave me horrible milia on my lips. i use the medicated blistex. love it.
  5. Spirolactane can be helpful, especially if it is being caused by an abundance of testosterone in your system. i second the recs of not drying your skin out to much and to still use a moisturizer.
  6. it takes me an hour to get ready. this includes showering, blowdrying, makeup, hair, getting dressed, lotioning, everything. hair and makeup only actually take about half that, but that's total time from shower to out the door. i also have an 8yr old daughter that i have to get after all morning to make sure she's ready for school!
  7. shiseido ss has been a good primer for me. i use revlon colorstay eyeliner and it seems to last well for me. i use joppa mineral eyeshadow. as for moisturizer i use the acne.org moisturizer. only thing that doesn't break me out and doesn't make my oil worse.
  8. minerals aren't for everyone. i can't use them. i use clinique perfectly real compact foundation and it's been the best for me. but as with everything ymmv.
  9. and that is why they made this board cosmetics and style. if you want just acne advice then go to one of the other boards. anywho, i like 3 the best, but i'm a sucker for the faux-hawk. my husband wore one for a long time and i have many clients that get them (i'm a hairstylist).
  10. go to www.makeupalley.com to find reviews. i like clinique makeup. one of the only ones that doesn't break me out. but ymmv.
  11. just pm'd you. before i read this! nexxus is good too. the line that i rec'd also had a fortifying protective spray. i use it before flat ironing my daughter's hair to help protect it from the heat and give it shine. just another rec!
  12. my faves are hugo boss intense, burberry brit, clinique happy heart, and revlon absolutely fabulous
  13. the only time you need something stronger (ie makeup remover) is when you have a waterproof sunscreen or long wearing makeup. if yr cleanser seems to get it all then yr probably good.
  14. paul mitchell tea tree shampoo and conditioner is good. you will have a hard time finding ones that are labeled noncomedogenic since they are not meant to be applied to the face. also, keep in mind that noncomedogenic is a loosely used term.