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  1. good for red marks, but BE CAREFUL

    Bleaches red marks Inexpensive Can damage skin if not careful Can't go anywhere near eyes Drying This is the best method to fade red marks, but be careful or you could possibly make acne worse! Make sure you don't have ANY open wounds, scabs, or dry patches. Only use it if the lesion has healed and there is no residual pain. Don't leave it on for more than a few hours at a time, and don't use it every day. If it starts to sting TOO much, take it off and try again another day. If you'r
  2. Stay away

    None Irritating and inflammatory Causes skin to be more oily over time Can't be used regularly or it will increase acne This is so drying that over time it leads to more oil being produced on the skin. Probably fine once in a while for mild T-zone acne. If used regularly it will increase acne.
  3. I feel your pain because I've been there. 3.5 months after I stopped OTC Lo I developed acne for the first time. I was on it for about 4 years. The acne was on my cheeks and jawline, SO awful, mostly cystic, very painful, nothing seemed to help. Since this started after you changed your birth control, it's probably internal, so you're limited with what external products will help. Even though money is tight, tons of naturopathic doctors operate on sliding fees. In my experience they're also
  4. When I started having hormonal outbreaks after stopping birth control, acne started on my jawline then moved to my lower and then upper cheeks. A blood test revealed I had slightly high testosterone and very high cortisol. High cortisol is correlated with acne especially on the lower half of the face. Hormone imbalances are known for causing acne along the jawline. Cutting back on sugar and refined carbs may be the most important diet-related thing you do to try and overcome these issues! It hel
  5. behappybeclean

    Great for skin

    Great for skin

    Nourishes skin Heals inflamed acne and dry lesions Doesn't clog pores Don't overdo it This is a great oil that heals acne and keeps the skin glowing. It won't clog pores unless you're slathered in it. (Even then, it would only cause minor whiteheads.) Make sure you buy an organic product from a reputable company. After cleansing I moisturize with a mix of almond + jojoba + neem oils. It has helped heal my breakouts in about half the time. Almond oil is wonderfully moisturizing and no
  6. Decent product for the price

    Lasts all day Doesn't cause breakouts Moderate coverage Not a wide range of skin tones I used to use Covergirl oil free foundation but switched to this because of clogged pores on my forehead. It doesn't cause breakouts like other foundations. It contains a small amount of salicylic acid, so if you respond to that it may even help you. If you've got sensitive skin don't use this around your eyes. (It can be drying. Use a regular foundation around your eyes and blend the two.) Overall, not bad an
  7. Great if you're sensitive to fish oil

    All-natural alternative to fish oil pills Increases omega-3's Inexpensive ($30 for 2 months) Found only online or at health food stores I experimented with various types of fish oil, but each one caused cystic acne on my chin. I switched to ovega-3 and have been feeling great. It's the brand most used and recommended by vegetarians, and best of all it hasn't caused any outbreaks. It's worth a shot if you're sensitive to fish oil. Each pill contains 320mg DHA and 130mg EPA.
  8. Triggered hormonal acne around chin

    Increases omega-3's Can cause hormonal acne in some Chin developed cysts that lasted about a week Like a lot of others I experienced hormonal acne around my chin after taking fish oil. At first I tried a generic brand, then an organic, but had the same reaction both times. After that I was afraid to try cod liver oil. My chin is consistently fairly clear which is how I knew the cysts were caused by the fish oil. (I started taking chia seeds, then I found Ovega-3 vegetarian dha/epa sup
  9. Not awful, not great

    Inexpensive Smells nice Easy to find A cleanser that doesn't clean This cleanser is fairly gentle and inexpensive, but it just doesn't get the job done. It probably won't make your skin worse, but it's not going to help you either, unless you've only got mild breakouts/blackheads. If you have sensitive skin, I'd stay away because this was slightly drying. Not recommended for moderate acne. It also won't help with any cysts.
  10. Best oil for acne-prone skin

    Unclogs pores and removes makeup better than anything else Inexpensive (Organic Desert Essence: ~$12/bottle) All natural Not sold at most grocery stores/pharmacies Jojoba oil is extremely non-comedogenic and beneficial for acne-prone skin. It's known for dissolving oils from hair, dirt, makeup, etc. It completely unclog the pores. It's also the most similar oil to our skin's natural sebum which balances oil production. I use jojoba as a makeup remover by putting several drops on a cot
  11. OCM truly is the best method for cleansing and makeup removal as it actually dissolves oils from throughout the day, and unclogs the pores of makeup, dirt, etc. It also nourishes the skin in a way that BP and other drying products simply can't. However: 1.) For acne-prone skin, it's EXTREMELY important to choose the right cleansing oil for your skin! Make sure it's non-comedogenic! By far the best oil for makeup removal is all-natural jojoba. Google it and you'll see there are tons of ac
  12. Harsh ingredients

    Smells great Probably okay for small T-Zone outbreaks Drying and irritating Causes inflammation on sensitive skin Too many ingredients At first this product SEEMS great but it contains ingredients that are extremely harsh and drying. These include citrus oils, too much aloe, etc. If your skin is even slightly sensitive, do not use this product. And do NOT use this product if most of your acne is on your cheeks. It's too drying. I had the same experience with the "cleansing milk" version. If you
  13. a great investment

    All natural ingredients Prevents cystic acne Nourishes skin & heals inflammation $32 (worth the cost and lasts a long time) Dropper can be messy I've been using this serum for about 5 days. It helps heal acne very quickly by nourishing and moisturizing. It also has antibacterial ingredients to prevent new breakouts! It won't prevent breakouts completely (when they're a result of extreme stress or unhealthy eating around the holidays) but those breakouts will be smaller and heal mo