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  1. I haven't been around here in awhile since accutane has done a pretty good job for me. However, I still breakout once and awhile and I've been looking into what causes it. Basically, after a ton of testing it turns out that dairy products are to blame (at least for me). I am no expert of course - it's simply what I've found through my experiences. All I know about dairy products is that the producers do some pretty crazy stuff to the cows and resulting milk for increased profit. I think some of
  2. stop using chapstick... using it for over a year is teaching your body to become dependant on it for moisture. Take the pain of chapped lips until your body can handle it on its own. Also, kristen is right about the need to drink plenty of water to help out the process.
  3. Uhm skin peeling isn't a very standard side effect. The sun however, causes much more damage to your skin which will likely result in peeling. Use proper sun Block when necessary. Also, check with your dermatologist that you are not receiving too high of a dosage of accutane.
  4. You can use anything that isn't very irritating. Mild cleansers, moisturizers, and even very very light exfoliation is okay. For acne care while on accutane, use at the very strongest a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide product.
  5. pore size and grease production has been permanently reduced. time between accutane courses is about 2-3 months I think so it is out of your system by now.
  6. And some random house pictures for.. randomness
  7. Almost exactly 5 months and 2 weeks right now of my accutane course. However, my face is getting really dry.... well my lips are. They are cracked and peeling (especially at the sides) and the damage is sort of growing outward from my lips and kind of looks like I have cold sores. Besides that I still have tons of umm... well I guess they are pimples but they are definitely small and don't have white tips. Anyways.. my lips are just hellish both visually and painfully. I am pretty sure sure th
  8. Usually the requirements are trying 2 different antibiotics while using facial creams at the same time. Seems like you have already tried that.
  9. the skin to return to its normal color and the dryness to leave (especially on the lips)
  10. They never did poop for me. They did make me sweat alot however.
  11. Recently I have been shaving more often than usual. (I use an electric razer) I have tons and tons of small red pointy marks all over my cheek, around my mouth, and chin. Its hard to tell exactly what they are.. but I guess they are pimples. I thought they may be related to some allergies I've experienced recently and never had before in my life but who knows - Shaving is the most likely suspect. So, is there anything I should do to help with acne & red marks from shaving?
  12. Sorry if already answered somewhere else before but, In Canada, are chemical peels or dermabrasion procedures covered by OHIP or insurance, specifically insurance granted for government school employees such as teachers? I want either procedure once I'm done with accutane but the prices seem semi-ridiculous.
  13. I'm at 4.5 months on accutane and I still break out.. especially in areas I never broke out in before... for whatever reason... [my body is fun] [i h8 u god]