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    Snowboarding. =)<br />Hockey.. But I probably shouldn't say I cheer for the Leafs seeing as they are now on an 8 game losing streak. But I will always love them.<br />Baseball<br />Sports.<br />Umm yea.
  1. boarder67

    P. Diddy

    Is that a racist joke. Hahahahhaha. No, I'm just saying, that picture is effing huge. And everyone has their imperfections, you shouldn't be looking to point other people's out. Obviously he feels fine with it like that, and so we shouldn't care. Besides, he's Diddy. Whoever said he needed perfect skin to be cool? Haha.
  2. Haha, glad I could help. Hope it works for you! :)
  3. I hate that stuff, too. I won't even use it for body acne. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Q Yea I hate the stuff. Never again will I use it. My sister tried it too and her acne is worse than mine, and she couldn't take it either.
  4. Dude, think WILLPOWER. I believe in you man. Whenever you think about doing it.. just like, dance or something. Or go see a derm. Probably the second one.
  5. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. I never used to have to use moisturizers on my skin, and now it is constantly dry. It's been probably 5 months too.
  6. My skin sounds pretty much the same as yours.. whatever I wash it with, it usually ends up dry. Though normally it's kind of oily. I use Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Pros: it works really well, even on sensitive skin. It also doesn't contain SPF. It's also pretty thick, like you were looking for. Cons: It's pretty effing expensive. The only reason I use it is because my mom gets it. Some Neutrogena moisturizers worked pretty well for me too, and they're definitely less
  7. boarder67

    P. Diddy

    This is ridiculous. That picture is about the size of Africa.