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  1. Here's the issue: After talking to my family doctor LAST YEAR about accutane, she finally put me on accutane at the end of March 2015. She had to make sure that I actually wasn't reacting well to anything, although I had already explained how my pediatrician went through everything when I was a teen. So it took about a year... However, when she started me, she only gave me 10MG a day because she hates accutane, and tells me "everything comes at a price, this is dangerous! I never put anyone on
  2. 20yo male here from Canada, I'm currently in my second month of accutane. I started at 10mg/day on March 27th. I had a small flare up that wasn't too bad, then in the third week my stomach started acting up. EDIT: I realized I wasn't drinking enough water at all! I changed my diet to a healthier one, too. Seems to help
  3. Hello! 19 Male here, from Canada. I've dealt with moderate acne since I was 13 or so, and I'm turning 20 next month. I've used clindamycin products, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and adapalene throughout this time (and combination products of all of these ingredients). My results have been decent but not consistent. I've tried two 2 month courses of minocyline, which work well until I stop the medication. After a lot of debating, I talked with my doctor again about accutane, got my blood
  4. I'm starting accutane next week, just doing my blood work tomorrow. let's see how this goes, I'm hopeful!
  5. My derm gave me my first course the day they took my blood. But I have an app on my phone that my hospital uses so I can see all my blood test results. It'll be interesting to see how much different from the norm my levels are Was this recent? You just started your course? I'm a little nervous, because I have clinical depression (possibly bipolar) and I've heard of some potentially bad side effects of accutane for people like me. But otherwise I think it should work well for me. My dad
  6. She gave me my blood work form, she said once they have the lab results back she can start me on it. 1 month, blood work, 1 month, blood work etc. This should be interesting. I'm hopeful but I'm not expecting much.
  7. This may or may not be the right section, lol. --- Anyway, I'm 19M (20 in a month) and I think it's about time I go to my doctor and firmly request accutane. I found a clindamycin/BP prescription from early 2009 that I had used, so it's been about 6 years. Nostalgia. :/ I'm currently using: - Tactuo (Epiduo for Americans) at night (7pm or so) - 10% BP Wash on forehead once or twice a day (once thinly in the morning to spot treat problem forehead areas, once at 10pm or so as a wash) -
  8. I talked with my doctor and she said she really wants to keep me on minocycline for a cycle (2 months on, 1 month off I think she said?). She said if it comes back after, then we'll discuss accutane (but she'd want to try another cycle first). I feel like I didn't get anywhere at all with that conversation, lol. She prescribed me more minocycline (I have a lot already?), and gave me a repeat on my 10% Benzac Wash that I haven't been using. She said it's really important that I keep using the
  9. Hello! I haven't posted in here in a while. I'm a 19 year old male, and I'll be going into my 2nd year of university this September. I guess we'll jump into my quick story, just to give you a background. --- I started breaking out when I was 15, so it's been 4 years. I tried a huge method of creams and medicines, and my bathroom looks like a girl's right now. Currently, I'm on: 1) 100mg minocycline daily 2) Tactuo cream (Epiduo in the US), an adapalene and bp combination cream. O
  10. I'm an 18 year old guy. I'm usually really confident, but on bad acne days I feel like curling up in a ball and not talking to anyone. My doctor prescribed Epiduo and a Benzac 10% BP wash in December, but I still break out and have close to the same amount of pimples. I had a meltdown regarding my face and stress yesterday, I broke out and picked and picked while doing training at my new job (the training was at a computer). I've felt like crap since then, and honestly I cried a bit yesterday ab
  11. Hey everyone! I just saw this forum on a quick Google search and I thought I'd join and ask for some advice. I've had acne for the last 3 years or so. I'm 18 now (male) and in my first year of university (finals next week, I'm just taking a small break from studying!). As of now I'm a pretty confident guy, but I AM a little insecure about my acne. I envy the people who don't have any, and I thought I might as well go to my doctor and see if she had anything in mind, since I've been worki