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  1. happy to report a string of days without intense oil production. if i go many hours i will feel the need to blot but i dont shine up in reflections like a mofo. i work in television and i was a standup for an interview setup during a lighting test and i had not blotted for maybe 8 hours and the only shine that the PA had to matte on me was on the nose and some on the temples. that is quite promising. fred - if you were to blot after many hours would you still see a sheet turning clear? woul
  2. fred said it took him 3 months to see improvement. i'm still unsure of any improvement at about 4 - 5 weeks. about 2 weeks on 40,00IU
  3. blotted once after moisturizing this morning, i normally do because moisturizes seem to sit on the surface. then once about 6 hours later. that's all i felt i needed which is light for me. i'm usually only comfortable if i can blot every couple of hours. dont know if it is just coincidence or another "good" day provided by high dose of A. if anyone has the time to compile a list of A suppliers that do not use synthetic vitamins that would be great. not sure of the brand i am using right now
  4. i've taken 40,000IU the last two days. unless i see negative results or have some issues on my regular blood tests, which i will have one in a month, i will continue with this until results or too long a period lasts where i see no results. my long term plan is to not exceed 40,00IU for at least 3 months and then see where i'm at. if i am not having the results i desire, i will try 50,000IU for 3 months. long term planning here...yeeeahhh....
  5. still no consistent change, but it has yet to be a month. at most 3 weeks right now. i didnt keep an exact start date but it's too soon to tell judging by fred's experience of it taking a few months.
  6. well i hope 30,000 IU does the job. so far its only been a couple days of significant changes with every other day since starting being the same. it is way too early to tell. did you experience a phase of seeming lessening of oil production over a course of time or was it a big shift one day? also, i get blood work / liver analysis done bi-monthly already for medications for other reasons
  7. hey there fred. so about 2 weeks ago i started 30,000 IU of of vit A from cod liver oil along with 1200 IU of D. now, there seems to be some discrepancies about international unit conversion to MG. what exactly was your dose of vit A for the results you found? did you start with 50,000 MG or IU? and are you now on 25,000 IU or MG? how have you converted if needed? now, i've already nocited some effects. My lips require a bit more chapstick than usual and start to feel a bit unusually
  8. is your oily skin still under control after all this time? any other changes in your supplimentation?
  9. you really need to stop spreading this misinformation. oily skin is hormonal but it is just plain wrong to think that hormonal response is not impacted by environmental factors. topicals COULD potentially reduce or eliminate someones problem. They may even partially cause the problem in some. You are just wrong by stating this over and over.
  10. my oil production seems so much less since i stopped moisturizing during the day. it is crazy. i used to blot at least 5 times a day could clear out two sheets in one blotting. now that i dont moisturize during the day i blot MAYBE once and dont even use up an entire sheet. it's awesome. but, like you, my skin is a bit too dry throughout the day. i also stopped using cleanser and just use water. i use a topical antibacterial and epiduo at night along with neutrogina AHA lotion. i wake up oil
  11. before epiduo my skin was a little more oily than i would have liked, but since i've been on epiduo it has turned into an a constant fight. I have heard many times that retinoids and/or topical drugs that increase cell turnover rate can contribute to excess sebum, not at the hormonal level, as that will remain constant, but because skin cells are shedding at a much faster rate, oil that would normally go unnoticed or remains useful becomes excessive. I'm terrified to stop retinoid treatment, how
  12. just leave it alone! you're making it worse by doing anything most likely.
  13. i am a competitive weightlifter and i am around 80 to 90% sure that ever since i began what most would consider "extreme" athletics (distance running +100 miles a week, then olympic weightlifting) it has what has caused persistent acne. i would get a couple spots every now and again and never worry about how i treated my skin before this. 6ish years later and now my skin is ruining my life. right now acne is clear (aside from on the back a bit) but all the treatments and everything -- i think is
  14. When I first started on epiduo (differin and bp), which is also a retinoid i broke out for a couple months even though i was on doxy and a topical antibiotic as well. after that i was clear for almost two years, i'd still get a zit or whatever, but clear otherwise. i stopped using the epiduo on most of my face successfully for about 5 months then started breaking out again. it took 3 months and getting back on doxy to finally calm it. i'm currently reducing my doxy dose from 200mg to 100m
  15. Maybe someone should look into a connection between low IQ and acne.