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  1. Varen, if you mean local drug store, then no. But, you can order it of the internet through this website.
  2. I am thinking those are small papules or just irrated skin. But, I don't know. I think you should just keep your regimen but follow it closer and try not to irrate your face so much.
  3. That is gonna have to go down on it's own. You can help it by putting tons of bp on it to either make it go down or come to a head. I had one of those on my chin and it hurt, it was like a skin colored bruise.
  4. It's hyperpigmentation, it will go away with time. Sometimes it takes a while 6 months to a year for them to fade. If you don't have any active acne you could try a exfoliation method to quicken the speed of their healing.
  5. Alot of that looks like red marks. I am thinking you should try the CSR. It looks like it would do good to finish clearing you up and slowly get rid of the red marks.
  6. At times. Sometimes I feel like I am clearing up one part of my face as the other gets worse.
  7. Nothing much to say man. You tried to pop a papule and it got inflamed. Try icing it and putting alot of BP on it. Use make up if you WANT to. Depends if it really bothers you or not. If it were me, I would consider a nice makeup or concealer.
  8. Ok, maybe you shouldn't mix it with clindamycin. The regimen provided by this site should be followed strictly how it is set up. When you start it, you keep doing it everyday almost religiously.
  9. Oh.. I read some where that leaving it on over night was to reduce the redness... And where can I find the Regimen? Also; Misson Hill's an awesome show. ;) The regimen is on the main page. It's the Clear Skin Regimen. It will do wonders man. And yeah, I love Mission Hill.
  10. It might be the toothpaste. I don't think you should leave it on over night and I think toothpaste is only suppose to be used as a spot treatment. Try the regimen provided here. It will get you clear.
  11. Yeah, I always wash my face with water and wipe it off right afterwords. Maybe it depends on your skin tone too?
  12. Is it just me or after you are done sweating alot, let's say after some physical activity, your skin looks alot better? My acne has got me down lately and when I look in mirror after sweating and wipe it off my skin seems to look alot better. I just don't know what it is. I wish I could sweat some before I go to school because my skin is kinda dry from the routine and even with the mostuirizer and all that it still looks, ehhh. So, is it just me?
  13. See, these opinions show that either: 1. If you pop it may get worse. 2. If you do nothing it will getter better. 3. Unsure. Some things work for some and some work for others. So, you go with what you feel is right for you.
  14. I use a facial brush to exfoliate at night in the shower. And it does wonders for my red marks. I only exfoliate when I have red marks that are beginning to bother me. It really works but, you might get an intial breakout and you can't shrub too hard or it will damage your skin.
  15. It depends. There is a proper way to pop pimples and a bad way. The "big squeeze" technique isn't a good idea. If you really need to pop them or want to get a needle and put it over a flame, to sterilize it. Then lightly prick the top of the pimple and with your fingers covered with some toilet paper or tissue to put pressure on the sides of the pimple until all the white stuff comes out. When you start seeing blood or white ooze, stop. Then clean the area with something like hyrdogen peroxide