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  1. How often you washing your face (with just water)?
  2. I have been washing my face with water only for about 2 weeks now and my face his braking out like crazy I just want to cry . My face his just getting worse and worse I just don't know what to do should I just stop?
  3. My face his cover with those little bumps and I try to squeeze them out with a sterile surgical needle but trust me you have a 65 % chance it will get infected and then your left with a big pimple. But if you don't do anything they will someday get into a pimple. I think the best thing would be a dermatologist extracting them cause they know how to do it. I try to remove them by myself and I fuck my face up. Please don't do it your self go to the dermatologist and ask him to remove them for you.
  4. Necro where have you learn that to much vegetables and fruits are bad ? I definitely do not agree with you! By the way watermelon and bananas are not vegetables! The problem with vegetarians and people that eat a lot of vegetables and fruits his that they also over eat grains and cereals. If your only fiber intake his from vegatables and fruits you can eat them has much has you want!
  5. Necro where have you learn that to much vegetables and fruits are bad ? I definitely do not agree with you! By the way watermelon and bananas are not vegetables!
  6. Necro you have been active on the site today at 7:55 am why have you not posted your regimen?
  7. Necro why are you waiting that long to tell us your regime? You have time going to the gym but no time to help people that are suffering ? Acne his serious and very emotional and if your playing with us it his very immature. If I knew something that could help people I would be writing my regime all day and night if have to.
  8. Have you considered that mental health is just as important as physical, if not more? I'm guessing you have since you're taking steps to help yourself. The logic for not taking accutane confuses me but 'spirituality' as you put it, isn't neccessarily logical. Yes mental and physical health are both important for me and that his why I am not taking drugs that will play with my brain to become what people want me to be (CHEMICALLY CONTROL 'NORMAL' PERSON). I would never play with my physical h
  9. I don't really know the treatment that they will give me in the psychiatric hospital and im kind of scared of that. Right now my skin his so bad that I have been kind of house bound for 2 months. I can't go out to see my psychiatrist, so she call me and suggest I go the the psychiatric hospital. I hope they know what BDD his and how to help. But for some strange reasons I know it will help, exposing my face with no makeup for me his the hardest thing and I wont have a choice there, I will be 2
  10. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety and Body dismorhic disorder. I have never had anxiety disorder or BDD before having moderate to severe acne. I started having mild acne from the age of 13 to 20 and I always had low self esteem but it never stop me from living a normal life and be happy. Im 25 now and my acne his moderate to severe and my anxiety his so high that I can't work are even go out of the house without 3 hours of makeup and even with makeup sometimes I just can't go out. In 3
  11. My Mom never had acne but my Dad had severe acne when he was young his now 55 years old and still gets occasional pimples and he has rosacea.
  12. Do you have to do Enemas at home are do you go some where to do it?
  13. Did anybody ever test their Body Ph level with ph tests strips ?