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  1. ok i know how everyone says you drink 8 glasses of water each day but when you take supplements (for me i take quite a few, vit A, C, E + zinc ) i cant help but think that if i drink that amount of water it will somehow just dilute the minerals and pass out my body quickly. i've asked my doctor and he too agrees that if you are taking supplements i shouldnt keep drinking water throughout the day. what are your thoughts about this?
  2. beer actually helps my acne... im asian and many asians find this the case as well
  3. No dermatologist had EVER told me about the diet correlation nor ever questioned what I was eating. Big surprise though, thats money away from the drug companies. haha... and they'd lose their jobs too coz everyone will just be running to the nutritionist instead!
  4. i remember reading a diet composed mainly of salmon and blueberries... forgot what it was called can someone remind me?
  5. i read this post word for word... although i am not 100% convinced that sulfur can combat acne i am pretty sure that most people (i myself know im lacking sulfur) have sulfur deficiency. i went thru my kitchen.. looked at my fruit bars... my cereals and all contain vitamins and minerals such as zinc...selenium etc but found NO SULFUR
  6. not tryna b a smart ass but pH 7 is neutral... thats water...
  7. thats crazy 8000 IU!! it is recommended people dont exceed 1800 or 2000 tops
  8. it will only work for asians, this i am 100% sure. asians have a different type of "blood" if you like.
  9. thanks guys im much more relieved at this... anyone know of calcium pantothenic is vit b5?
  10. today i've taken my first pill of vitamin b complex, it also has zinc and magnesium added to it. an hour later my pissed turned bright yellow... not the color when you hold in your piss long... but literally lemon / highlighter yellow. i was quite scared... does anyone know if this is natural? im definitely sure its cos of the supplement pill coz this is the first time i've had yellow urine... another point i took the vit B (with zinc and magnesium) along with vit A so maybe some sorta chemical
  11. asians believe it does... red meat apparently causes the blood to thicken (or something along those lines). eat in moderate amout.
  12. how about zinc oxide? theres this supplement that i plan on purchasing its the b-complex formula with added zinc oxide -- is this form of zinc any good?
  13. his research is indepth... and what he says is true (the stuff he tells you to supplement and foods to eat) but its just that in any civilized country it would be NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to follow his regimen religiously.
  14. i read that bananas are high in sugar and that whole GI/GL rating stuff and should be avoided because high blood sugar level can aggravate acne? is this true? after i read that somewhere i havent eaten bananas for atleast a month but i love em cause they good for the bowel movement... also are blue berries any good? i read that they are a strong anti oxidant... maybe i should switch to blue berries more?
  15. okay i dont have that much acne probably considered light not even moderate. but what i have that is ugly are these dark brown marks from previous flareups. they are not bumpy, just a dark spot or a patch on the skin which does not go against my natural skin tone. is there anything i can get rid of these ugly marks?