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  1. hey u guys noe any gd aloe vera gel? the onlie ones i see around is the jorubi one, dunnoe whether its gd ornot, pls gimme ur comments..thanx!
  2. hi! have u all heard of this brand of aloe vera gel known as Jorubi Aloe vera gel? the ingredients are as follows: Aloe Juice, water, Propyleneglycol, carbmoer-940, triethanolamine, imidazolidinyl urea and methylparaben What do you guys think of it? i cant find Fruit Of the Earth Aloe vera gel anywhere in my country, so it seems that the aloe vera gel im using is the next best alternative. I'd like to hear ur opinions. Thanx!
  3. acne cure is a book, u can find the acne cure regimen in it, i'm not too sure of it, but im sure u'll be able to find the steps of acne cure here. I suggest u try the proactiv repairing lotion available at watson's , it really helped me quite a bit
  4. nova, it seems that the amount you're using is very little, are u sure its enough to prevent breakouts? and by the way, if you're using one finger's length for both sides of ur face, how long will it take for u to finish up one bottle of repairing lotion?
  5. so do u guys rub it all in till your face feels dry? or do you rub it in for only a short while and let the rest be absorbed themselves? and by the way, how much of the repairing lotion do u use?
  6. but if the lotion's runny, u'll have to take a long time to rub it in isn't it?
  7. hi all, i've just bought the proactiv repairing lotion yesterday to incorporate into the regimen. The question is, do i have to rub the lotion into my skin just like what Dan is doing for the regimen with the On-the-Spot cream or do i just apply it onto my face and let it be absrobed. The lotion is very runny and is rather difficult to be rubbed into my skin, so i was wondering if it could just be left on the skin to be absorbed or do i have to rub it all in?
  8. Hmmz, lily aw sounds promising, can anyone give me the address of her clinic? thanks! By the way, is IPL beneficial for red marks and scars? Expressions has IPL too, so what do you guys think of the IPL that Expressions is offering?
  9. so which beauty salons do you think offer the best teatments for acne? I know Bioskin Sucks! All they do is advertise and they are squeezing $$ out of you with each session costing $198. Has anyone tried the expressions IPL? it supposed to be rather effective.
  10. so how much is the fee you have to pay if you are going to see the derm? and do u find the treatment useful, as in do u see any results?
  11. Anyone here knows the price of smoothbeam laser treatments in Singpaore? i understand that Changi hospital is the only place in S'pre that offers smoothbeam treatment.
  12. you can try Dan's regimen, its rather useful for me, plus, all the supplies are available here.
  13. well, it was stated that it could be used on the face and particularly for acne scars, i'm going to buy over the weekends, wish me luck!
  14. hey guys, have anyone used the activa condolisa scar heal thingey b4? it seems rather promising, i think im going to buy it soon, i'll keep you all informed about the results.
  15. rhesus> green grass oil? where do you get it? izzit at those kinda chinese medical hall? and by the way, how do u apply? how much and for how long? can it be used in conjunction with bp? thank you, i'm rather interested in it. By the way, what kinda red marks do you have?
  16. piggy_balls>i started on Nimegen on Teacher's day(1/9) and i got it from this clinic by the name of YSL clinic and surgery at joo seng(near upp aljuned rd). The only side effects so far is cracked lips, tt's abt all, the doc didn't sepcify how long i would be on the course, i think you can decide on ur own when to stop the course. Well to me, i'm not really very sure if it's NIMEGEN that is clearing me up or the Proactiv that i've been using. having acne is not good, especially in JC, I seem
  17. NIMGEN is 300 plus for a month? Oh my god, my monthly supply of NIMEGEN costs only S$96, i get 2 packets every month, and i tk 2 capsules daily. I got mine from a neughbourhood clinic. piggy, can i check with you that ur NIMGEN comes in a pinkish looking box? How can the price difference be so drastic? could it be that mine are defective or something. Oh, im 75 kg by de way
  18. hmmm...i've heard a lot about the vinegar method, so how is it done exactly? And what kinda vinegar should i use? where can i get it? NTUC? Thanks!
  19. cool it dude, it's always like that, just learn to ignore them, hopefully you'll feel less stressed. Some Singaporeans are really inconsiderate, i've had similar experiences too, so you're not the only one. The next time they tell you all those nasty things, just tell them, "So wad, not happy izzit?!" i believe they'll juz shut up after that.
  20. yea, i've got a question to ask, are there any places with a very wide range of acne treatment products? The range of rproducts at Watsons's, guardians, and all those supermarket chains are pathetic. Also, where can i find the eucerin renewal moisturizer? cant seem to find it anywhere
  21. Do u guys know whether i can find the Eucerin Renewal Moisturizer anywhere in Singapore?