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  1. Month 8 Day 2 Last Month of Tane! Yes, cant wait to get this over and done with. Still on 60mg/day and my face is still red as hell. It seems like its getting better but its probably me getting used to it. I try to avoid mirrors all the time especially in public like bathrooms and stuff.... I REALLY REALLY pray that the redness goes back to normal after going off tane....Reading post that say that the redness has stayed over the course of 2 years for some people really depresses me. Whatever,
  2. you're fine, once isnt going to hurt you. If it makes you feel better skip your pills for the day
  3. yeah... don't drink too much on tane man. I do about once/twice a week and skip my pills for that day when i drink. Drinking affects your liver and tane affects your liver so basically you're multiplying the stress on your liver. Make sure to ask your derm about your blood test to see if anything is wrong. My derm told me that one or 2 beers a week is fine, but i do way more than that and i think im fine....hopefully no long term effects
  4. get aquaphor for your lips, you wont regret it
  5. hey good luck with your progress! wow 20k? really? why didnt you go for tane sooner?
  6. Month 7 Day 1 Long long time no update, not like many people read this log tho so its cool. I went through my last month of 40 mg/day. During the course of last month I probably got a total of 2-3 pimples if i remember correctly. I got 2 on my forehead which went away in a matter of days. The side effects is still dry lips but its getting pretty bad now. I need to start apply more aquaphor on it i guess. My face is still really really red thats my biggest concern at the moment. My derm just bu
  7. your marks arent bad at all. And you should get some aquaphor for your lips
  8. Hey just stopping by to wish you luck. Yeah redmarks suck ass
  9. hey i remember reading your log last year when it was still active. Good times.
  10. yah its usual. Lots of people dont see improvement for 3-4 months