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  1. Accutane should be powerful enough to stop your acne. It sounds like you should be under the care of a physician, but there are low cost alternatives to obtaining Isotretinoin at www.accutane-bitcoin.com.
  2. You need to reduce the amount of sebum your skin is releasing. Topical chemicals are not going change this, they will only mask the problem. A low dose of Isotretinoin usually has mild side effects and will reduce sebum, giving you the skin you desire. It can be obtained without a prescription fairly easily at accutane-bitcoin.com
  3. You need to lower the amount of sebum that your face is releasing. A low dose of Isotretinoin can achieve this, usually with mild side effects. This can be obtained at www.accutane-bitcoin.com
  4. maybe this can be offset by using viagra. ______________________ get 420 at zeltasgarden.com
  5. I'm not convinced that Accutane truly causes hairloss. Maybe it will speed up the process by a couple years, but it's all hair you would have likely lost anyway. I would go on Accutane. _______________________ Get 420 at zeltasgarden.com
  6. Calling it "Repairing lotion" is definitely misrepresenting it as a moisterizer when it is not. I'm not sure if they still offer it, but they used to have an additional moisterizer that you could buy with the system for like an extra ten bucks. ___________________________ get 420 online at zeltasgarden.com
  7. have you considered surface mail? it only takes 8 weeks. _____________________ get 420 online at zeltasgarden.com
  8. It should dissapear eventually. Have you tried glycolic acid peels to speed up the process? ____________________________ get 420 online at zeltasgarden.com
  9. The thing I like most about the regimon is that it comes with a lot of benzoyl peroxide. It's very difficult, if not impossible to find this in stores, as the tubes always come with a small amount, presumably, to increase their profit margins. ____________________________ Get 420 online at zeltasgarden.com
  10. I would seriously get on Accutane dude. Scarring is forever. Foreverrrrrrrrrrr. ____________________________ get 420 online at zeltasgarden.com
  11. A low glycemic diet can help with acne by reducing sebum. Type in the paleo diet into google. Very difficult diet to sustain though, with all of our modern conveniences. ____________________________ get 420 online at zeltasgarden.com
  12. You can do either, although I would put more Differin over the area that is effectived by the acne, both to reduce this acne faster and prevent further breakouts in this area, as the breakouts often occur in clusters in the same area of the face.
  13. I'm not sure I clearly see the point of the video. Yes, benzoyl peroxide is an effective way to prevent acne, but this has already been proven. I suppose what would be interesting is if he stopped, started the regimon and documented how effective this is, and then stopped, and then tried another treatment to compare. _________________________ get 420 online at zeltasgarden.com
  14. Once they are already formed, there's not much that can be done to prevent a scar I don't think, assuming the blackheads are already big. Prevent future ones for sure. Maybe shrink the pore after the blackhead is gone. ___________________________ get 420 online at zeltasgarden.com
  15. I hate the US medical system. I was breaking out one time, and started freaking out because I didn't want any scarring, so went to get some Retin A quickly.. It cost me like $200 to see a doctor to get a prescription, but it was a general doctor, so it was like no refill. And he's like, I'll have to refer you to a Derm cause I normally don't write prescriptions for skin related stuff. I'm like, are you freaking kidding me? Is this stuff really that difficult to use? Now I'm exp