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  1. Anyone know how to make these fade quickly? Current Regimen: Doxycycline (recently started taking again so that should help with them forming at all) 100% Natural Black Soap from Ghana 100& Natural Shea Butter from Ghana (moisturizer) Tactuo Gel Retinal Little bit of rubbing alcohol after I shave
  2. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I'm using tactuo which increases cell turnover as well, I'm only on week 7 and my break outs are minor now, guess I'll just continue with that. Thanks
  3. I've been using a 10% Glycolic Acid sunscreen peel, Neostrata Acne Clear 2% Salicylic Acid Cleanser, and Tactupump (7th week, used to use it before but stopped and I'm back on it now) for a while now. No real improvements when it comes to complexion. Any ideas/thoughts on how I can improve it? thanks.
  4. Dont pop the cysts until they're ready to be popped. it's hard but try not to. Retin A or Tactuo Gel will help dry the cyst out quickly and Neostrata Oil Free Gel Cleanser witch will help with scaring as well as breakouts. I still have scaring on me that's been their for a while. Use sunscreen on sunny days it will prevent the scaring from remaining dark or becoming even darker. I still have some pigmentation issues that have been their for several months but eventually they will just fade away
  5. Hey, I used to break out really bad even worse than what you have now. What worked for me was Retin A Micro 0.1% as well as Neostrata Oil Free Gel Cleanser (best face wash I've ever used). Retin A dried my skin out but I exfoliated like CRAZY but had to moisturize a ton. Try using Tactuo Gel. Its a new product with benzoyl peroxide mixed in with a retinoid and it doesn't try out skin out significantly, I love it. Tactuo Gel will help stop breakouts as well as help lighten up pigmentation issues.
  6. Those are called Ice Pick scars when their's little tiny indents in your skin. Best treatment is skin resurfacing but it could cost lots of money.
  7. Hi I just wanted to provide a skin update for the people. I went through depression with my previous breakouts for about a year and after about 4 months of treatment from Retin A and Neostrata Oil Free Cleanser I saw the light. It took some time but I have cleared up significantly. I am currently using Tactuo Gel and Retin A Oil Free Cleanser also I have bought Neostrata Vitamin C Concentrate twice for brightening of complexion which has helped. I still need help with some hyper pigm
  8. Okay I'll give the 0.1% a go tonight thanks. I used to use Neostrata gel cleanser and that worked pretty well actually but went to place for facials because of PIH on my forehead, tried that for a few months and it just made my face worse. I'm thinking to start using neostrata again if retin a 0.1% doesn't work.
  9. Here are photos....pretty horrible. Im kinda over it atm, the emotional part of it anyways but its just hard going out in public all the time.
  10. Been using Retin A Micro 0.04% for lets say about 8 weeks now and still get occasional pimples but not as much as I was getting before. Before I had a lot more small pimples and break outs but I still get lets say 5 pimples (3 small & 2 big). My skin is a lot smoother tho. I still have a bunch of PIH. Look like a chocolate chip cookie. The 0.04% doesn't make me peel at all and I know if I want my PIH to get better I should probably peel so I can create new skin cells. I have 0 irritat
  11. Oh thats another option. Any glycolic acid lotions you recommend? and wouldn't I have to use sun screen after applying that lotion in the morning then?
  12. Okay thanks. Ill just stick to my Mild cleanser and Retin A. Thanks.
  13. Oh am I able to rotate? like One night use neostrata cleanser and the next night use retinoid? Because I don't want to use a AHA in the morning during winter.
  14. *CORRECTION* Retin - A is 0.04%. To start off I'm a 20 year old black male. So I've been on Retin A Micro for about 7 weeks as well as Doxycycline pills and my cystic acne is gone, just get a few small zits but nothing really, I always had a few. As of now, I'm done breaking out, YAY! But I wanted to know since I don't get irritation from the Retin A Micro can I add my Neostrata Gel Cleanser with 4% Glycolic Acid into the regimen? I still have post inflammatory pigmentation and
  15. Thanks hah. Iunno it's just the PIH that kills me the most. If I had acne and no PIH I truly couldnt care less. I used to use a cream my doctor gave me, can't remember what it was but after I stopped using those creams I just broke out again and really bad so I need to get back on a proper cream that works. I always felt pro active never worked so idk if benzaclin will but I guess I'll continue usage. How can I speed up my PIH scars? Like I truly don't like living atm or going out in public. It'
  16. Also I applied the benzaclin to my face and it made my face tingly and kind of a burning sensation. is this good? plus I kinda had a shortness of breath.
  17. Is there a purge for benzaclin? like will my acne get worse before it gets better?
  18. Okay I'll give the benzaclin a go and ask my doctor about the doxy as well. And yeah ever since my diet changed from smoking pot I lost weight and it made my anxiety worse so I'm going to force feed myself basically. Thanks hah, some people keep telling me this but it's still hard to keep my head up. I'm going out tonight with some friends so I'm gunna try and enjoy myself
  19. I've been cutting out dairy and sugar. I eat whole grain breads and oats. I recently had lots of red meat and I suffer from anxiety so it's hard to digest those heavy foods so I think the cysts popped up from that. I eat healthy on a scale of 1-10 id say 7.5 or 8 in terms of my diet. On retin a I had severe anxiety symptoms so I'm scared to try it again. Should I go back? Another thing is I used to smoke marijuana heavily for several months, drink alcohol heavily since high school, and smoke ci
  20. that's true, it was very drying to my skin tho. especially in this harsh winter weather. Does Benzaclin work?
  21. don't be that discouraged by it dude. its actually not bad really. Id say your acne scars are mild. don't try anything to strong you still have nice skin
  22. HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS PIH?! Its causing my anxiety to be worse, I can't stop thinking about my face. - social anxiety that people are making fun of my acne and scars or thinking I'm gross - OCD over my acne and scars and I feel depressed. I never want to leave my home or anything. - some people can't even look at me, not everyone but I guess this shows who my real friends are I've been using hydroquinone 4% cream for the past month and its brightened my skin as my mom said the sca
  23. This one seems a good buy? http://www.cleanandclear.ca/product/cleansers/clean-clear-deep-action-cream-cleanser-sensitive-skin#pointeranchor it has salicylic acid but is the 10th ingredient and glycerin is the 4th ingredient so it should be good for sensitive skin that dries easily keep the skin moist
  24. Hi, to start off.... I am a 20y/o african american male going through puberty and I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. Skin gets dry when I use certain cleansers as they strip my face and make my skin dry and strips PH balance (neostrata oil free cleanser w/ 4% glycolic acid) but if I use a cleanser with oils (Burts Bees sensitive skin cleanser) in it then it clogs my pores, especially in and around my nose and chin. Diagnosis: - hormonal skin (sebum) - break outs only