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  1. Dawn, your post was a quality representation of your own experience with metrogel. This is the portion I took issue with: "It is just WONDERFUL! Please give it a try!" You should have instead said, "Now, this is just my personal experience. It may or may not work for you. Please conduct further research on this product to confirm whether or not you should give it a shot. I just wanted to relay my own, personal experience, which does not reflect how this product may affect you or others."
  2. I agree I could be much worse off than I was. Most of those pictures were taken at the best time especially regarding the redness. I just looked at your gallery as well and I see the redness youre talking about. Is it red all the time? My face will look good in the morning then flush like that in the cold, wind, exercise, etc No that's when I am actually undergoing a full-on flush, which unfortunately happens a couple hours a day. Not always THAT bad, though. That was an absolutely terrible fl
  3. Just to give you a more omniscient perspective, metrogel has been reported to work in some but others have seen some negative side effects and actual worsening of their symptoms. Always research what someone recommends. If you've never heard of it before, there's a good chance the recommendation is bullshit because if it was "the thing" that's gonna fix everyone, trust me, it'd be all anyone would be talking about.
  4. I would also like to hear consistent updates from you all. This may be promising.
  5. Agreed. Birth control is dangerous and only marginally effective at treating acne in women and almost certain only temporary. Spironolactone is also very dangerous and can result in organ failure and heart problems in otherwise healthy young women. It is such a foolish decision to compromise your health and life for a purely cosmetic skin disease. Vanity kills. You are completely wrong on so many levels. Acne goes much deeper than just a "purely cosmetic disease". If she likes her treatment, t
  6. I agree I could be much worse off than I was. Most of those pictures were taken at the best time especially regarding the redness. I just looked at your gallery as well and I see the redness youre talking about. Is it red all the time? My face will look good in the morning then flush like that in the cold, wind, exercise, etc No that's when I am actually undergoing a full-on flush, which unfortunately happens a couple hours a day. Not always THAT bad, though. That was an absolutely terrible fl
  7. Post a pic. No one can help you if we can't see them. Shouldn't that be obvious? For all we know, you could be talking about boxcars because you might not know how to diagnose yourself. Just post a pic, and then I'll get back to you.
  8. I've gotten a few people who tell me that. It's quite a shame this is supposedly the number one acne board on the net and the type of responses you usually get to very important questions are one sentence answers with no picture evidence or patient testimony to back them up. There's a few of us here who seem to actually give a shit. Hopefully we can help each other. I'm here for the long haul. The second I'm fixed up, you'll hear about it.
  9. I can't help but feel you may be talking about me here, a bit. I think being matter of fact is the only fair way to approach the issues we face. We can't hide from what is our reality. That said my intention was never to be mean or to offend anyone. I'm very much a sympathetic person (I'm going through it!) to everyone here, which is perhaps why I might get a bit angry with them sometimes. I almost feel a sibling-like relationship with everyone here, since we're all going through the same bullsh
  10. I think subcision first and then skin needling, and retin a 3-5x a week. Never heard a single good thing about retin A. Please post evidence of it actually helping someone. Oh look: rolling http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/334883-how-i-got-rid-of-my-acne-scars/ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/217908-ok-guys/ subcision: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/323341-got-subcision-before-after-pics/ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/285647-just-had-subcision-treatment-don
  11. One scar is usually not disfiguring, true. But most who get scars get quite a few, so the conglomeration of a bunch of smaller scars turns into one big disfiguring mess. So yes, acne scars are quite disfiguring. I wish everyone who propagates this "fade over time" crap would themselves "fade over time" so we can stop dooping everyone with a skin disease in order to make money off of them.
  12. Surprised someone finally actually posted a study instead of some bullshit article. That being said it is on a derm site. That's a pretty big bias. That being said I got a bit giddy when I read "40 to 70%." Then I came back to reality when I saw the pics. That is not 40 to 70% improvement. Sorry. In the third round of pics that man seems as though he RECEIVED PIH from the damn treatment. He has all these red patches that he did not have prior. That's not to mention all pics taken were taken in d
  13. Yeah I've had experience with bactrim and clindamyacin. Both were bullshit, didn't help. Don't know about epiduo. Seems like the type of product only people with very moderate acne have success with. Shit I don't know your situation but it seems like you're still in a very good spot from what I've seen in your gallery. Like, you could be much more worse off, like myself. It sucks when you look at yourself and you're bad enough to think that there might be no possibility of full recovery. Whateve
  14. I think my skin has always been relatively normal. There have been periods of my life where my skin was very dry, but ironically at this point, being post-accutane, my skin just seems normal, albeit very sensitive as anyone who has had bad acne's is. I keep it moisturized all the time, though, so I don't really know how my skin is in its "natural" state. I'm hoping to god what you say is true, but I've been reading a shit-ton on this subject and it's quite scary when you read the 3-year post tan
  15. If you want to wait a year or two to have perfect skin (your potential for perfect skin is awesome) and can't take significant down time, go with rolling. You have to research the shit out of it. The right needle size, and the correct pre and post treatment. If you don't want to put the research into finding what works, don't even try it. It will, most certainly, be a waste of time if the exact, proper conditions are not met. Or if you want it all done and fixed over shorter period of time,
  16. Oh that? Yeah that is so obviously a scar. See scars are the sort of indents/deformities of the actual texture of the skin post-acne, while marks are just, well, redness on the surface of the skin. Marks would be over smooth skin that has regular texture. But you? Judging from THAT, you know, that thing you just didn't show us? Yep. Classic scarring. ....seriously man? I'll wait for the gears to turn.
  17. Your problem is mostly related to actual acne on your face. There is some redness, but you want to get rid of the bumps first and foremost. I think you need accutane. BE WARNED THOUGH (this is something I and many others were never told): accutane can cause rosacea. It looks like you already have a bit of rosacea/facial redness already, so I would be wary of it getting worse. The daily facial flushes and constant redness of the face are not fun, but I would say any day that red bumps all over yo
  18. Pics no longer work. Very interested to know where you're at now, 1 month later. Please post new pics.
  19. In the third pic not much redness is shown. Assuming we are using the same cam, yours is much better than mine. Especially on the third pic you look great. I know pics cannot always show the exact "reality" you might see in the mirror, but this problem is not bad at all. And if you are still as clear as you are there of any red marks/scarring/acne, then I'd say you're in pretty damn good shape. If you really do have some serious redness though (like mine) that the pics are somehow not showing, v
  20. Wondering if anyone has experience with using hydrocortisone to treat that dreadful post-accutane redness. I've unfortunately got it on my cheeks now, and it comes and goes in intensity throughout the day. The pics in my gallery are of the absolute WORST pigment that I get throughout the day. I get to that point for a couple hours out of nearly every day. The rest of the time it is just this pinkish mess on both cheeks. Don't seem to really have it as bad anywhere else. Anyway I have seen vi
  21. Looks exactly like me now. 3.5 months post at the moment. Was basically on 80-90 per day throughout the course. The super redness people get that lasts afterward is likely a result of the increased dosage. Better than acne but god damn sometimes it sucks with the hot, inflamed, red cheeks during the day. IPL/v-beam are recommended for red marks. I do not know if those procedures work for the general red patches you and I are seeing that are a direct result of accutane, though. It's an extrem
  22. Omg, I would not start with a 30%. This is how people burn themselves. You should be starting with a 12.5% peel or less if you have never done any peels before. Jesus christ what did I tell you? Now you went ahead and wasted your money, and if you apply it there's a 75% chance you're going to screw it up. Do I sound like a moron to you? Unlike yourself I've actually looked into this peel, its application, and its side effects. TONS have fucked it up and left themselves with residual hyperpigme
  23. Dude. That's basically the entire basis of this forum. We can't just go to the doc and get perscriped a cream to fix this so we discuss possible treatments/regimens to get X% improvement. It's sort of pathetic how that is the state of things but what are you gonna do. Treatments: IPL, V-beam, peels (lactic, tca, maybe vitalize). Regimens: Exfoliation (bb method), meladerm?? (double question mark because I've only seen one testimony, without pics, that said it worked), AHA toner, aloe vera (
  24. Jesus dude...It's almost insulting to me personally that you posted this. Check the pics in my gallery and the general scarring gallery for some real skin problems, the type of which you don't have and probably never will. I would literally get on my hands and knees and cry for 2 days straight if I could be blessed with skin like yours. That's no bullshit. I would jump through 100 flaming hoops if I could get skin like that. If I were forced to live in the amazonian jungle for a year eating noth