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  1. Literally. I went from this disaster (peep the Tazorac lathered onto my face): to this: I went through the worst depression of my life last winter. I stopped caring about everything, so that meant my two-hour long skincare routine and healthy vegetarian/low-dairy diet were no longer. In addition, I stopped taking all supplements, drinking a gallon of water per day, and going to the gym. Yes, I thought that terminating my extremely healthy lifestyle would evidently result in my skin get
  2. I seriously don't know what's happening. I've had my acne over control for at least a year and now this is happening. I skipped my period last month and ever since then my skin has been a disaster. It's only getting worse. I know his is all hormonal because my pimples are very inflamed. WHAT DO I DO!!! I have an important presentation on Friday and i need people looking at my work, not my skin I've inserted some pics what my skin was like wo months ago and what it looks like now.
  3. After having my acne under control for a few months, I have been quite disappointed these past few days. Two days ago I took Plan B, and since then I have gotten many, many new pimples. Not just any normal pimples, no... they are large and inflamed. Could plan b be the cause of this? Also, could this be a sign that my acne is hormonal?
  4. my hairs a mess sry. how do i cget rid of this nasty sh*t?!! im so sick of it! i used to use tazorac but it made my face so itchy that i couldnt even fall asleep.
  5. u have like 2 pimples calm down girl. just put some benzoyl peroxide on dat sh*t and u good to go
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    hyperpigmentation log

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    From the album: hyperpigmentation log

  8. your main issue is scars (which are very mild). try a topical retinoid gel
  9. today my doctor told me i have pretty low iron and i was wondering if this can have an affect on my skin???
  10. I'm starting tazorac tonight. how bad is my skin? any advice on how to properly use tazorac and anything else that can help with my skin? thanks.
  11. I feel as if the only way for my acne to go away is to dry the sh*t out of my skin until it is red and irritated. During the summer months, I apply acne products and then go outside in the sun. Although this irritates my skin, my acne is always never there. I am not quite sure of the exact cause of my acne, but when people tell me to be gentle with my skin I never listen because I feel as if that never works. Right now, I switch on and off between benzaclin and Tazorac every night. I u
  12. I use the tazorac 0.5 gel. I apply it at night right after washing my face VERY well with a neutrogena scrub because your pores best absorb the medicine within 10 mins after washing. My derm told me to use a pea size amount on affected areas, which I did when I first started the medicine. There was mild irratation at first, however, my skin got quickly used to the medicine and now I currently apply VERY generously (I apply a thin layer over my whole face and then spot treat with globs of it). I
  13. Amazing results. I hope I don't jinx it but I recommend to anyone! This was my last resort before accutane. What do you guys think? Thoughts about the medicine/ success stories! I wanna hear
  14. Theres a huge red patch on my chin is flat, there are no bumps. It's also very dry. What is it? Is it from accutane? I'm 120lbs and on 10mg. I'm 2 weeks in
  15. I just started accutane a week ago. I'm 5'3.5 and 120lbs. I was just out and had one beer and came home and took 20mg accutane. I'm aware this is kinda a low dose. Am I good?
  16. So even before I started accutane I would get really bad eye strain and tension headaches. I started accutane a few days ago and I took it when I didnt have a headache and I was fine. It is not 9:52 and I am having a really bad tension headache that isnt associated with accutane. Should I still take the pill? Could it make my headache worse?
  17. What is all of this redness on my chin, they're not coming to a head and some of them are flat. I started accutane 20mg four days ago and it hasn't gotten better
  18. Ok, so I have my 20mg accutane pill in my hand right now and I am scared because this is my first ever time taking it and I am HORRIFIED. I over researched this and the side effects are terrifying. I only need to take one 20mg pill and im soooo scared. I get headaches and im scared because the accutane said it causes headaches so could that make mine worse and cause blindness? Omg i am a nervous wreck! Im also afraid that it will ruin my stomach! someone convince me that a 20mg pill cant ki
  19. You're seeing it as worse than it really is. It's not that bad, chill.
  20. 1-10, 10 being the worst! Don't mind my grossness I took that picture right when I woke up haha
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    Acne 11/28/13

    My current acne