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  1. Definitely starting low, and thanks - I do have a few qu's that I haven't seen an answer to so far.
  2. Good luck with your treatment LoveLouisV. I'm 36, acne for 23 years and preparing for a Dec start too, the 14th, should everything go right with my blood tests. And now that I'm over my mini-freakout. I'll be following you - and emmygirl and megtree too.
  3. Thanks for the advice Ballen... I've done all those things. I took zinc for a while, have taken omega-3 sups for a while too. Actually, I've tried just about all the supplements under the sun at different times. I haven't eaten dairy for 7-8 years and maccas or equivalent for 8 or 9 (ok, ok, I've snuck in a french fry here and there, but nothing else!). I've not used and not used BP. My acne has recently got worse - and is scarring for the first time, which is odd, odd, odd. I think I'm done!
  4. Good luck with your treatment, Kelsey. I start my treatment soon. The pamphlet I was given recommended a nose oil which is meant to help prevent drying out of nasal passages and hopefully nosebleeds too. The brand I bought is Fess, but that may be an Aussie brand. I have super dry skin, eyes, nasal passages, sense of humour etc already so I'm also getting a humidifier to get me through accutane and the long, hot, dry summer that's coming up. Sorry to hear about the lack of support from
  5. Thank you everyone. Your confidence in the outcome is very helpful. CWR24 and everythingthatshimmers - that's great about greater success with age! Definitely drops the angst down a few notches. Purple123, a great reminder to listen to my body. So good to know I have options if things get too much. I'm really sensitive to medications so they tend to work quickly, but side effects also are amplified. Deep breath. Lip balm. It will be okay.
  6. I'm about to start Roaccutane after having persistent moderate acne for 23 years. But what if I've just being doing everything wrong until now? I just had a look at The Regimen - I have been much rougher with my skin, even when I thought I was being gentle, and I also didn't allow time before or after putting on BP whenever I have used it. I have also realised that my daily face sunscreen has alcohol in it (Phenethyl Alcohol). Though I still get body acne, so this couldn't be the main ca
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to learn everything I can about Roaccutane and came across this awesome site. Brilliant! I've had moderate face and body acne since I was 13 or 14 and have tried everything except oral antibiotics. At my recent appointment, the derm said not to bother with antibiotics because of my age (36) and history, and that they are not a cure. I'm about to start Roaccutane and am preparing myself physically and mentally. I've always held out hope that my acne would go a
  8. Hi coffeedrinker, I'm new to the forum but not to acne. One of the things that improves my skin is ... avoiding coffee. And I love drinking coffee! I gather you do too. I can usually get away with a coffee every few days, and can drink up to 2 or 3 cups of tea a day without it worsening my skin. As for scars, I think there is a lot of info on these forums, but I have personally found that rosehip oil has been absolutely brilliant. I've just been reading about the different types of acne