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  1. *QUESTION I've been on Yaz birthcontrol and spironolactone 150mg for 1 year now , and I have been wanting to get off of Yaz birthcontrol but stay on spiro ,will I stay clear of acne if I stay on my spironolactone dosage and completely get off Yaz? Please and thank you
  2. HEY I'm on 150mg spironolactone and Yaz birthcontrol for a year now and it has cleared my skin but now I'm wanting to get off birthcontrol and stay on spironolactone , do you think I will still stay clear of acne while transitioning off Yaz and staying on spironolactone ?? DOES ANYONE KNOW? Or has had a successful story while staying on spiro and getting of Birth control ? please and thank you
  3. MY QUESTION IS, *Will staying on spironolactone 150mg a day, while coming off Yaz (birth control) help me to not breakout ? *Has anyone had a successful story of getting of birth control and staying on spironolactone and staying acne/pimple free? I would like to stay on spironolactone but completely get off birth control!!!! I'm just worried that once I quit birth control my hormones will go crazy again and cause me to Breakout all over again.
  4. You need a lot of PATIENCE with spironolactone!

    This medication takes a bit of time to work. for me personally it started to kick in fully at 8 months. I had absolutely no break outs by the 8th month. for some people they see full on results between 3-6mothns. This medications works for hormonal acne but you need a lot of patience with it , Do not give up ! Give it up to 8months to see if you see a change in your acne. Another thing is you must drink lots of Water ,you must train your body to love water. -My dosage was started at 100mg th

    hydrates skin perfectly does not break you out does not make you oily This moisturizer is the only moisturizer that has never caused me to break out. it hydrates my skin perfectly without making me oily.

    hydrates skin no harsh chemicals that irritate acne/cause acne works amazing when on 100mg spironolactone i was recommended this face wash by my dermatologist when i was starting to break out and had extremely dry skin. the first week of using this face wash my skin completely was not dry anymore i had hydrated skin once acne .
  7. fades hyper-pigmentaion left by acne!

    fades hyper-pigmentation clears mild acne expensive finacea 15% gel works good on acne it makes pimples come to its head then they pop on there own. but i have notice that this topical is AMAZING at fading my hyper-pigmentation left by my acne. -also it is very expensive if you have no insurance.
  8. hey jenna i see you are taking 100mg spironolactone im on my third month im starting to see results. i have cutt out dairy and sugar and went vegetarian when i started taking spironolactone. i have question hopefully you might be able to help me with. my question is once spironolactone completely clears my skin and i go back to eating meat and dairy and sweets again will spironolactone be strong enough to keep acne away still? please&thank you
  9. Sgala3

    4 months!!

    amazing im on spironolactone and birthcontrol and im barely at my 3rd month of medications im still breaking out its depressing but im hoping by month 4 ill be clear free , im so happy your skin is clear gives me alot of hope reading your post. what was your spiro dosage?
  10. hey im on 100Mg spironolactone anz yaz birth control just about to start my thrid month of it your blog has given me a lot of hope im still breaking out but im hoping these next months will just go by fast , i do have a question did you change your diet at all to kinda speed up the process or did you just continue to eat that same. i would like to know if there is anyway i can speed the process of me not breaking out so much ..please&thank you
  11. awesome !! thank you so much i guess i just needed to hear positive feedback about 100mg spiro because i can get impatient at times, i recently went back to my derm to see if i can bump up my spiro dosage but he said no it can be dangerous so instead she perscribed finacea 15% gel topical for morning and night so i hope that will as well speed the process up are you on any topical as well?
  12. I am currently on yaz birth control and 100mg spironolactone a day. I have been on spironolactone for 2months. My question is when will I start seeing completely clear skin ,because don't get me wrong it's has cleared up most of my acne but I'm still getting a few breakouts on my cheeks , Please and thank you