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  1. song


    i took vitamin C for quite a while (say 7-9 months) and all my old red marks have faded and new red marks fade a lot quicker than usual. Maybe you should try it?
  2. i just left my red marks and let them fade naturally. I never had deep red marks or scarring...they were just flat red marks that became pink then brown then faded after a while. Each of my old marks took about 8-9 months to fade 90% and my recent ones take 1-3months to fade. Does my taking vitamin C have anything to do with this? i know that it does increase healing rate. Well anyway, i believe that deep red scarring takes a lot longer to heal and that if it doesnt heal after 1 and a half years
  3. use a moisturizer with AHA in it....try to get one with SPF15+ as well
  4. dont pick it! just let it heal naturally...should be gone in 1-1.5 weeks
  5. hang in there...it took me well over 5 weeks to get clear....good luck
  6. You shouldnt rinse your face too many times a day as this will cause more oil to be produced. Aloe vera does not render the skin to produce less oil.Im not sure if there is anything that will decrease oil production besides accutane. I read taht vitamin b5 taken in large doses will decrease the amount of oil released to the surface of the skin...but u have to take 10 g a day, 4 times a day for 2-3 months
  7. picking is a bad idea, it can scar and cause redmarks to stay there for longer!
  8. the lighting is probably different. Also, redmarks appear redder when your skin gets hot
  9. Errrr....thats quite odd....maybe u shud ask your derm about that
  10. U should ask your derm whether appplying aloe would be appropriate. Usually, aloe gel is applied to the whole face. Accutane will most likely make your red marks stay around for longer im afraid..
  11. use SA. Its meant to be very effective in blocking pores
  12. vitamin b5 is meant to help reuce the amount of oil secreted....but i havnt really tried it....i want to find a way to rid oily skin as well =/ For most people, oily skin decreases with age, (usually after 20)
  13. WOW!!!congratulations...the patience paid off!
  14. use moisturizers with AHAs in them. Yes BP does slw the healing rate of the red marks...but u have to choose one or the other...either slower healing rate or clear skin...=/ thats life i guess
  15. BP = benzoly peroxide make sure u use BP 2.5%