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  1. wow guys i'm so sorry. i never go on this anymore =( i still love you guys and miss you! i've been so busy here....not even like with schoolwork, we are all just hanging out and stuff i still havent finished my meds....i've been skipping alot cause i'm partrying aloootttt of the weekends and i'm a little scared for my liver. but i'm gonna take it down so i can finally finish! i hope everyone is well! miss you guys!
  2. wow sorry i havent been on this thing in forever. i love college, its so much fun! we have a long weekend now so i have no classes until wed! my face is doing fine...but yeah, i did party (its college) so i hope my liver is okay with the meds. no new pimples! i'll update for real soon, i swear. bye everyone!
  3. hey guys sorry, i've just been SO busy lately. I'M MOVING INTO COLLEGE TOMORROW !! so sorry if i dont update alot at first...but i will try! my knee is doing okay, i'm on heavy meds so i dont feel the pain as much. umm yeah, no new pimples. bye everyone take care xox.
  4. hey guys, i know i'm awful at posting. i've just been so busy! my knee is killing me, i found out its not a sprain and its my ACL...the doctors think its a tear...so i have to get a MRI, but i cant walk that well or anything and i have a knee brace and all that and it hurts SO much!....i just hope i dont need surgery!!!! last day of work was today & it was so sad! all my kids were crying! i'll miss it, it was a good year. but now thats over with, i'm sure i can post more. honestly, i come h
  5. I MISS YOU! we both have been bad with posting, haha.
  6. Hi guys! sorry, i have been so bad at updating lately! i'm just soo tired from work, i come home, shower then go out haha. and this week was crazy since it was color war and i sprained my knee in tug of war so i'm still in alot of pain. but we won, so its okay! haha. i went to my derm again 2 days ago and it wasnt my normal one again! i dont think i've seen her for 4 months now. yeah but i got the nice doctor again, the one i had last time was rude! he moved me up to 100 mg a day now...anyoe
  7. CJ! i know what you mean with the "something missing in your life" without the pills. i feel the exact same way, haha. but its true! glad to hear your skin is doing so well good luck with your exams and dont get too stressed!
  8. hey i;m in month 5 and its working WONDERS for me! and nothing worked for me either...cream gel, you name it. dont worry, clear skin will be here soon!
  9. hey thanks beth! hey guys...i know, i'm slacking on my updates...i've been so busy at work and too tired after work. it was 102 degrees here today and i know its alot hotter in other places...but just have 100% humidity and 15 little girls hanging on you haha. so to say the least i'm exhausted. i must say, i'm in love with acctuane. today i went swimming with my kids at work, and i went under water and everything. last year, i never did that because my make-up would come off and i was afraid
  10. Christopher-John...where have you been? i miss you...
  11. awww thank you i'm back from college orientation and it was AWESOME !!! i loveee my school and get this, my roommate took accutane too! and her face looks great now. and she was like "you dont even need it!" i seriously only have like 1 or 2 bad red marks which i cover-up with make-up. no more liquid foundation, just some powder & blush! ahh i'm so excited about college now, i want to go NOW! and i finally can talk to people without worrying about my face. i'm just so happy now! b
  12. aww henry. you have a girlfriend. congrats!!! ummm...picture? asap? k thanks!
  13. thanks for all your replies guys!!! and no, i'm italian...yes i know i dont look it, but my grandparents are off the boat lol hi guys, yes haha i'm alive, but barely. this week i have 20 kids! and there is only 3 of us so i am EXHAUSTED. no new pimples, blah blah blah. i have college orientation tomorrow, wed & thursday, so take care everyone!