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  1. i thought it would peel the red marks off.
  2. You are a good man evan. I used to do charity work in san diego with the homeless and supporting the elderly because it took my mind off acne and life. I felt as if i was in another person and that I wasn't myself which felt good because i felt i was an embarasment to my family and friends.(If you only know what I've done in San Diego).I wish I could do things for my community that I live in now but I have school and work. I'm glad that you know your life isn't over because of acne. It shows tha
  3. [attachmentid=5488] wat can i do? i need something to clear it up in two weeks
  4. Scarface735


  5. I went to work in a pretty bad mood today and my boss didn't make it so pleasant either. He saw this big mark on my face and said that I looked like somebody stabbed me. Waht a dick! And everyone in the room just chuckled. I was pissed when I came home. I think i should get back at him. I don't know. Just had to get that out of my head.
  6. I'm sorry to say that I find it very hard to believe that guys care half a shit about girls compared to how we feel about you most of the time. sometimes it switches but its always the guy that's the asshole. whether its about his pencil down his y-fronts or anything else.
  7. my parents are divorced too. Thats why i live with my aunt. I dont want to make both my parents feel bad because im living with one of them. So i stay with my aunt who doesnt like either one of them. i love my aunt
  8. i cant because my new email address is being used by ~scarface~ and the message board wont let me do that. If Joel or Dan are reading this please delete my account? I would really really appreciate it!
  9. Alright ill make it easier to understand. I wanna change my email address but i cant because i have another account "~Scarface~" thats already using it. So could someone please delete ~Scarface~?
  10. about a few weeks ago i wanted to log on to my account "eric clapton". when i typed in "Eric clapton" in it wouldn't work so i made another account with a new email address called ~Scarface~ . Then i figured out how to go to my old account. i had to type in my original name "scarface619" because i changed my display name to "eric clapton". I wanna delete my new account "~Scarface~" so i could use that new email address on my old account. if you guys could this for me i would really appreciate it