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  1. I masterbate non stop 24 hours a day and everytime this topic comes up again I wank it double time. Seriously though do a search because there are 10,000 of these posts about masterbation and its retarded...well masterbation isn't retarded but the fact that there are so many threads on the same topic is.
  2. Like Brandy I was cleared, but the effects wore off after a year. I believe the first month I was on 60mg a day and the rest of the course I was on 80mg.
  3. Alright heres my regimen. Everything you can get from Walmart although the BP I'd get from acne.org if you can order things that is. I shave at night with Aveeno Shave Gel http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...Y-PLST-0-SEARCH which is for sensitive skin and helps prevent razor bumps. Right after I wash my face with Purpose Cleansing Bar http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...Y-PLST-0-SEARCH Lastly I apply BP to the acne prone areas as directed on this site. The BP like I said I
  4. Well like having it on your face while you sleep and getting it on the sheets and having your arm lay on it or something. I dunno thats what worries me I guess but I'm anal
  5. I asked this once on here too and was told it doesn't but I don't know how accurate that info is. I apply my BP at night only and I wear a long sleeve shirt to sleep in to protect my tattoos just in case. It seems to me though that it wouldnt really be affected as long as the bp on your face is dry.
  6. I'd think as long as you got it 2-3 weeks before starting Accutane you should be fine. This will give it plenty of time to heal out. However I wouldn't get one during a course of Accutane.
  7. Exactly why I switched to using an electric. Those razors they sell are a ripoff. I'd recommend the Phillips Cool Skin....goes in the shower and really does cut just as good as a razor.
  8. Anybody know of a product thats non comedogenic and has Vitamin E in it? This stuff works great for healing and I could see if there was a product with this it would probably get rid of blemishes really quick. I've been using a product called Tattoo Goo to heal my newest tattoo, however I'm afraid to try that on my face even though it says it doesnt clog pores. Any thoughts or info would be appreciated.
  9. Agreed....Their products are now crap and they did nothing good for me when I tried them.
  10. I bet those 3 get laid all the time with their awesome hair lol. Anyways my facial hair in some areas isn't quit thick enough either and if I try and let it grow out I end up breaking out as well. So I make sure to shave every other day now and my skin has thanked me for it. Shaving also helps to exfoliate which is another good thing.
  11. In large amounts they can also give you the shits
  12. If it doesnt say it's non comedogenic then it's probably not. The shaving cream I'd recommend is made by Aveeno and is non comedogenic. The Neutrogena line of products for the most part have given me horrible results in the past and I personally wouldn't touch them.
  13. Alright so I'm getting to the point of finally finding a regimen that works for me and getting pretty clear. Even though I'm pretty clear physically, in my head I still feel like I'm not. I've been battling this shit for about 5 years and went through a course of Accutane that gave me an insane initial breakout and confidence wise I've never been the same since. Really shy, don't feel attractive, socially don't go out as much as I should. It seems like battling acne over the years has taken it's
  14. I got mine from discount drug mart. Although I checked my local Walmart and surprisingly they didn't carry it so some stores may not have it. If you cant find it drugstore.com has it