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  1. i'd go to the doctor.. it sounds like u might have sinusitus or smthing
  2. sorry, i also dont have any pictures. i will however give you an honest answer. i definitely think that different products work for different people (so maybe when ppl say they've had 70% improvement they really have). i know that a lot of people have had great success with aloe vera but thats never worked for me. what has worked for me is an aspirin mask in the morning and an apple cider vinegar mask in the evening. im not really sure if its both products working or just one but obviously im
  3. i know there have been a lot of posts lately about how ur skin looks better/worse in different mirrors and lighting. but i was wondering if anyone else found that different lighting/mirrors not only affect how ur skin looks but ur facial structure as well. it seems that everytime i look in a new mirror with different lighting my face looks kind of different. in some i look good-looking..in others i look like shit. sorry this is just a rant. but anyone else find this?
  4. ahh does anyone else here get really envious of those perfect people with like perfect skin, a perfect face, a perfect body etc.? i mean think how much easier life would be. you could pretty much do whatever you wanted and ppl would still look up to you. you could flirt with whoever you wanted without wondering if the other person found you disgusting and you could pretty much go out with anyone you wanted as well. seriously, life would be so much more fun. youd get up in the morning, look in th
  5. sorry so yeh, I guess aloe vera is the way to go if anything
  6. try and get a 100% aloe vera gel. it works great for redmarks and is an excellent moisturizer.
  7. if you are gonna use it, only do so 2 or 3 times a week and be really gentle. its great for redmarks though.
  8. yeh differin is pretty damn expensive. its about $80 a tube and lasts for around 1 month. and i dont think theres a generic either. im not sure about what else you could try. have you tried stuff like benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and salicylic acid. well have a look around here http://www.acne.org/medications/index.html although, in my opinion i think you should buy the differin because for me that is what has worked the best
  9. yeh i dont use a moisturizer with differin either, just in the morning after putting on benzoyl peroxide
  10. aclao - dont put them on together, put differin on at night and bp on in the morning miserable - yeh i mean a topical like the neutrogena on-the-spot one
  11. i use differin at night simply because thats what it says to do on the label and yeh i have to admit that the results im gettin from the combo are pretty damn good
  12. to answer your questions - i have been on differin for nearly 3 weeks, im male, and my skin is not really that sensitive so far i have only really experienced some redness and slightly dry skin but this is probably because ive been using quite a lot of 5% bp. if i were you id definitely use differin and bp, but since you have sensitive skin use a 2.5% bp and just a little of it. i really recomment this combination
  13. yeh i dont think that chocolate is what did it though. just saying
  14. at the moment i have been using differin at night and benzoyl peroxide in the morning and i really recommend this. i havent had a single new breakout in 2 weeks since i started. just waiting for the red marks to fade.