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  1. How did the treatment work out for you all?
  2. Sorry to hear that I have one lg ice pick and lots of smaller holes created by fraxel restore. I was thinking of trying dermastamp. Your ice pick may close. Give it time.
  3. I think I did that! How old is your scar?
  4. How did everything turn out? Did the redness fade? Did you stamp the scar on your nose? Did it help with that?
  5. Me too . I have laser damage and retin a made it worse. Keep up with the cerave and emu oil. I'm not sure there is anything we can do about the texture but we can try not to make it worse.
  6. I wish my scars looked this good.
  7. See a dermatologist pronto. Your skin doesn't look bad now but when you get older it won't heal as well and things will get worse.
  8. I also have pitted nose scars and damage from Fraxel laser on my nose. Was thinking if trying dermastamp to treat it. Sounds like it might be a bad idea. I was also thinking if trying it on a surgical scar between my eyes. Can you describe how it made your scarring worse? More scarred/enlarged pores ect.?
  9. Whatever you do stay away from lasers!!! I tried Fraxel restore and I we'd up with more ice pick scars. I think this is a really hard problem to solve. From what I've read the nose is the hardest place to fix scars. I have many scars and lots of enlarged pores. My nose is a true mess.
  10. Have you tried recell? I don't think it's available in the US. If it is I would like to try it.
  11. Hey, I think things are getting a bit worse, not better as far as my texture goes. I've heard not to derma roll your nose, the skin is different and any treatments can result in orange peel or worse scarring. I'm thinking of going to see someone and try a small area anyway. I also have other scars I'd like to try it on. My main concern with my nose is the enlarged pores which got worse after Fraxel. This plus the texture just creates a horrible lumpy deformed looking skin.
  12. I also had fraxel and have orangepeel texture on my nose. Mine appears to be worse. You're not ugly but I sympathize with your plight. I still haven't found a solution but I'm looking. Only set backs so far. My life is becoming unbareable. I'd like to see after pics of the procedure you tried.
  13. I'm in the same boat, but my ice pick scar on the end of my nose is deeper. I don't think detmabrasion would work for me. I 'be heard horror stories about detmabrasion on the nose. Google dermabrasion nose scar and there is a story about a rugby player sueing his doctor for messing up his nose.
  14. I see it, but maybe that's because I have the same texture after fraxel restore. How is your skin now?