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  1. flowers123

    Day 7

    Hi all day 7 and I managed to leave my face alone again yeah! Had a quick look in the mirror earlier and ran my hands over my face but just pulled myself away, washed my face today and went well complexion still looking better feel like im getting a bit better and stricter with myself now which is what I wanted, even slept better last night knowing im letting my skin heal Hope I can keep this up! Ive got so far so many times and Ive fallen back again, the extra moisturiser at night seems to be
  2. flowers123

    Day 5/6

    Hi sorry not sure if you have read my other posts but I do no have acne!!!! I do not have acne flare ups, have never had acne! I just have a problem with picking my skin, I get the odd tiny spot every now and then but it goes in two days all on its own and I use the gentlest of wash, please could you stop saying I need acne treatment, regimen, "can you stop breaking out?" etc as I don't break out! Please could you read my post before giving me info I don't need I just pick at my skin I DO NOT HA
  3. flowers123

    Day 5/6

    Just a quick note to say that I managed to leave my face alone yesterday and today, both days quite busy so easy to take my mind off it and and my friend sat with me both nights to wash my face at night, al the redness caused by my picking and scratching skin has gone done and my complexion apart from marks looks better Trying to leave the exfoliating, rubbing my face alone to really let it heal, I am also using a lot more moisturiser at night to help aid the healing and after a couple of days
  4. Hi I don't actually have acne, I just have a big issue with picking at my skin, I pick at tiny spots I don't get a lot, not acne and their tiny and go very quickly on there own, I pick at tiny pores as well if I see them in the mirror, all the marks I have are from where I have picked things that are pretty much non existent but now there red scars because I dig my nails in. Then I start picking the scabs as well, I only use simple foaming cleanser in morning and night, moisturise with olay flu
  5. Hi so did not post on day 2 as I was bad and scratched off some scabs that I had healing and even though I didn't let it get me down like I normally do, I still couldn't come on here and admit I didn't make 2 days I just told myself I didn't make any new marks just hurt some old ones, and tried to not let it get me depressed as I normally go into a week low after hurting my face. I feel good for not letting it totally get to me and am trying to stay in a positive mood Yesterday I had a lov
  6. flowers123

    Day 1!

    Hi all just checking in on day one and have managed to stay clear of hurting my skin good way to start, did have a quick look in mirror just before washing my face but managed to tear myself away, also washed my face on my own and was going to get a friend to wait with me so pleased about that too Have quite a few scabs at the mo from picking my skin the night before so this is when I feel my weakest and usally stare at my skin and am more likely to pick more hoping by week two, if I can