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  1. It's the mica. It's in most mineral makeup and definitely in Bare Minerals, which is why I don't use it anymore. I have a friend who had the same complaint, and she tried their Matte formulation, which seems a little better. I use Laura Mercier's mineral makeup, which gives me a nice pearl-y finish. Hope this helped! Pearly? I'm not sure that sounds much better. I just want my face to look like the rest of my skin and not be pearly or shimmery or light reflective or dewy or... *sigh*
  2. Here's my problem. My skin looks pretty nice right after I wash it, but redness develops as time goes by. If I apply foundation to my entire face but only use concealer on my pimples, it will look great at first, but several hours later and the concealed spots show up drastically because the rest of my face is much redder. It's like I'm allergic to my own skin's oil. It literally looks like a sunburn by the afternoon if I haven't washed since morning. Using powder to even things out doesn't
  3. So you use this AFTER putting on your make-up? I googled it, and found this: "Lightly spray your face from about 12" away. Pat your face with your fingers to work moisture into the skin and to minimize fine lines and pores." If you need to pat your face and work it in, wouldn't doing this ruin your make-up?
  4. Does anybody have problems with the powder make-ups getting very shiny when you buff/blend them too much? If I just lightly brush them on, they don't stay put or look nice. I've been told and read that the key is to really buff them into the skin. Well, buffing them in kinda works, but if I buff too much or add a bit more for better coverage, I get over-buffed spots which are very shiny and nothing will matte them (not even plain powder). It's not an oily shine, but a polished shine. I thin
  5. I used to have an oil-absorbing lotion type stuff. I forget what brand it was, but it was very inexpensive and it was almost like something between a lotion and a gel, with a very nice silky/powdery feel to it. It came in a squeeze tube container, not a normal lotion bottle or pump. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? It might have been called a mattifier or something like that. Anyway, I'm fairly sure they discontinued it, but I really need something like it. I want something to app
  6. I fished my old container out of the trash and checked. It's different. This totally sucks. What are we supposed to do now?
  7. So I just finished off my tubs of Cetaphil cream, and when I went to buy a new one, the label was different. I prayed it was only the label, but I swear this stuff is different and not as nice, although Cetaphil seems to be denying they've changed more than the label. What gives? I want my old perfect product back!
  8. Anybody used the Verilux HappySkin light? Is it as good as other brands? Should I buy one? What's the difference between the HappySkin and the ClearWave? Or are they the same light?
  9. Are people still seeing good results from these? Which one should I buy? Do you need to order online, or do any stores carry them?
  10. I have huge pores, blackheads, and like a half dozen whitehead bump things and small zits. My skin is very oily, but it also flakes, and I'm not using anything for it, just Cetaphil lotion. What light or laser should I use? Links would be nice.
  11. I'm just trying to figure things out here and decide what I want to do. It looks like saw palmetto and B5 are both supposed to reduce oil and help with breakouts. How do they work? What's the difference? What's safer? Should I take both?
  12. How do you keep from becoming imune to the anti-histamines? I found like four kinds with different active ingredients. Should I take one type every day and then just start over and repeat this every four days, or take one kind for a week or a month and then switch?
  13. What is chromium? I've never heard of it. And can you become imune to it and/or zinc?
  14. I thinking about getting Photodynamic Acne Treatment using Levulan. Anybody know a good place with a decent price in Arizona?
  15. Jess ~ I understand this guy is trying to upset you, but just ignore him. He obviously wants to start a fight for whatever reason. Also, don't let his remarks about your skin get to you. You're beautiful, okay. Don't ever let somebody make you feel bad because of how your skin looks. Wooddell89 ~ By attacking Jess in such a childish fashion, you make it very hard for anybody to actually listen to you. You don't come across as somebody who can give sound advice. Saying Jessica's way is