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Waiting for clear skin

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  1. im currently using john plunkett's superfade cream for my hyperpigmentation, does anyone know if it clogs pores? cause it says it is non greasy, but my face looks shiny, maybe its just the hot weather.
  2. The problem is that i can't tell if i'm going to lose the oil or what not, because i'm using a non greasy scar fading cream
  3. Before accutane, my skin was really really oily, while on tane my skin was perfect, it was not oily nor was it dry, but 1 month post tane and it seems like the oil is returning. Just wondering if everyone post tane has had their oil return?
  4. yep, i used cetaphil face wash too and it did it's job while i was on accutane. Highly recommended *thumbs up*
  5. im using a product in australia called superfade, it's a cream so nothing serious, but i've only been off accutane for about 1 month, is it alrite to use this cream for my scarring?
  6. i was put on a 40mg course for 8 months and now my face is pretty clear, just scarring and hyperpigmentation. Nothing a little cream can't fix i hope. I rarely get pimples, just about 1 little per week on average.
  7. i didn't take that precaution of not drinking while on tane too seriously, i got smashed one night so bad i even vomited. They say that alcohol is outa your system in about 8hrs so it wont really show up in ur bloodtests if u have it a few days later. Just telling you its alrite, it's not like your gona die, but then again drink moderately and not so frequently
  8. i had really oily skin before i started accutane, and while on it, i didn't moisterize and it didn't dry so much, just dry patches here and there but nothing serious.
  9. ok, so on saturday night i only had two bottles of beer, a VB and crown lager. I have a bloodtest on monday arvo, do u guys think the alcohol will show up in the bloodtest?
  10. has anyone experienced drying of the arms to the point that it gets itchy and makes u wanna scratch them? i now have small scabs from scratching cause my arm is pretty dry!
  11. hahahha so true, my friends keep asking my if i'm taking (bad) drugs as a joke and if i'm smoking weed, so much for support!
  12. if tane works cumulatively, then double dosing shouldnt be a problem?
  13. hahaahha i know wat u mean, ive got the exact same thing. But that happens to almost everyone who wakes up in the morn, ur still drowsy and find it hard to open ur eyes.
  14. to be honest, ive actually lost weight and thats a bad thing for me, un underweight now. Started tane bout 2months ago and ive lost bout 3 kgs!