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  1. success32

    Backacne scars

    Before and after my pro-fractional laser treatment. Quite the difference. No I'm much less self conscious about my back, and am actually looking forward to summer and swimsuits
  2. success32

    30 Days Until Great Skin!

    Hi you guys! I am sick and tired of wasting so much time in front of the mirror mindlessly looking for pimples (which are basically microscopic) to pop. I have hyper pigmentation caused by my pickers acne and I know that will go away in a year or two, so it doesn't really bug me. What does make me angry is the fact that I continue to touch my skin even when I know it's horrible for it! About a year ago I did the 30 day "no picking" challenge on my back... because I also had back acne cau
  3. success32

    My 30 Days

    Hello fellow internet community! I have suffered with acne since Sophomore year of High school. I recently graduated, and I am sick and tired of acne holding me back from the people, and the things, I love. I really suffer with pickers acne.I waste hours of my life siting at my computer or standing in front of the bathroom mirror touching and pretty much scraping at my face. Then I spend the remaining hours of the day trying to figure out how to cover up my recently created scrapes with m