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  1. I've read on other health sites and despite that site I am starting to get the feeling that fruits and grains aren't bad for gut bacteria. Grains/nuts/beans might be bad for the immune system because of the lectin in them, if eaten in excess, because that would prevent the gut from healing among other things, I don't think gluten causes any significant problems, but I'm going to stay away from it regardless because of the lectin that comes with wheat stuff. So, my new plan: stay away from REFINE
  2. After reading a lot and personal experience, specifically http://paleoleap.com/you-and-your-gut-flora/ , I'm beginning to think all sugar, fructose and glucose, feeds gut flora if eaten in excess, which it usually is, so that would include fruits and honey
  3. Hah either way we're both going to limit our grains because it's obvious they slow healing. Glucose is the sugar that comes from starches, and fructose is the sugar in fruits (fructose has been shown to not feed gut bacteria). There are some low-quality blog sites that seem to think that fructose feeds bad bacteria, when there are professional studies that show fructose doesn't, which makes me question the trustworthiness of sites who claim things to begin with. Table sugar basically turns into
  4. I eat a lot of rice cereal, and have the occasional sandwich or burrito, but that's about it. I've researched the idea of grains hurting the immune system, and there are a lot of different arguments, all with different points, and they're all pretty inconsistent and don't seem to get to the point. So could you post the link of where you heard that "Grains feed bad bacteria because it is starch that turns into sugars." I don't know if refined sugar and the sugar from starch are necessarily the sa
  5. I've only read about the hormones that come from masturbating, but I'm pretty sure it comes from both. However, it's good in small amounts, but you can definitely overdo it, just like exercise. Although I bet that it's a lot easier to overmasturbate or oversex than it is to overexcercise. But I would sacrifice the small amount of hormones if it meant having a thorough night with the SO. lol, just some advice from y0y0ma. Most of the sources I have read have not said to avoid grains. What sp
  6. My view, which includes how I got over chronic inflammation
  7. I had persistent acne for about 7 years to and it had only gotten worse. I'm the type of guy who needs clear and explicit information on why acne is happening, and so I searched for the longest time and tested on myself and this is what I have come up with. It's not the easy simple one-product answer you might be looking for, but it's a scientific explanation as a whole.
  8. Read this PLEASE. It's been a long road, and I feel like I can answer a lot of questions. I'll have a concise conclusion at the end, so don't worry about remembering everything I say that you need to do. The immune system is designed to keep things like viruses and foreign bacteria out of our system. Bacteria's getting in our system, so there's clearly a problem. To first answer the fiends that insist acne is from hormones and oil glands and which can't be changed, they can. You can balance horm
  9. The actual formation of acne, usually and to my understanding, is when the bacteria meets the oil in a place without oxygen. The more hormones/oil increases the chance of acne happening, and although accutane, which closes the oil glands, stops acne well by limiting the oil glands, bacteria is definitely always involved in acne. I agree that actual allergies to food which cause acne are rare, and I don't think I'm that at all. I guess you have to trust me on this one, but I'd definitely know i
  10. The regimen never did it for me. I feel like the people who it does completely work for just have a bacterial infection, and once the BP gets it out of the skin, it's pretty much done. I've had acne for almost a decade, and I feel like I'm pretty well educated on it. In my research, I found doctors saying that most acne cases are caused from food allergies. I found this strange, because usually acne problems are associated with inflammation, bacteria, and oil glands. So, i tried to see what
  11. "How is the regimen, something that 100% won't cure acne, a better solution than permanently stopping acne by stopping the sebaceous glands from being over-active? If you are doubtful that it will work, don't be. Especially don't condemn if for others when you haven't tried it yourself. And would you use the regimen with accutane? No. Why do you think that is?" Everyone knows that the regimen will not cure your acne. It does a great job of 'masking it' and has been proven in a lot of clinical t
  12. If you take a good amount of vitamin A, your skin is going to be thin and really sensitive. Trust me I've tried multiple times, doing anything whatsoever to you skin while you are taking what I am saying is going to make your skin worse because it's damaging it. How is the regimen, something that 100% won't cure acne, a better solution than permanently stopping acne by stopping the sebaceous glands from being over-active? If you are doubtful that it will work, don't be. Especially don't conde
  13. Yeah, plus avoiding dairy. but I think that you'll notice that vitamin A, if you take it in the right amount, (I get a 10,000 IU supplement, plus 2500 IU from my multivitamin + 2500 IU from Omega 3) will make your skin dry, so you'll have to use lotion once or twice a day. I do it after my skin dries from getting out of the shower. After researching more about the gut, I think the only thing I left out was getting fiber/digestive enzymes. I think drinking water is a given. Probiotics did the
  14. The acne regimen is not an effective method in permanently stopping acne. It just masks the symptoms. Here are the causes of acne, and how to permanently stop acne. Hormones - Most of acne is caused by hormones. Certain hormones signal the skin to produce more oil and sebum, which causes acne. The ONLY way to stop acne permanently is to shrink these things permanently. One fact that isn't as known as it should be is that DAIRY PRODUCTS CONTAIN TONS OF HORMONES. You should stay far away from