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  1. Will it usually take 4-5 months to clear? Are my acne phase like his when he was on his 3rd week too? It is just soo depressing. Esp. when people are staring at you like you are so horrible and cant keep mentioning about what they are seeing.
  2. Thank you for the encouragement. Is this normal? I mean, the pictures for my 3rd week is the worse sight I have. Will it get worse? Does the regimen triggers my skin to pop out more acne and then calm down?
  3. I'd start from the beginning, especially because BP has been causing pain to your skin. If you don't start slowly you'll probably be discouraged from doing the Regimen altogether. ok. I will!! Thank you..Can I use jojoba oil plus moisturizer during the first week for flaky skin?
  4. Good day! I started using the regimen last 2014. I tapered it down since Im almost clear. But now my face is on its worse phase. I mean my acne came back on full course. I returned using again the regimen and Im turning 3rd week on the regimen. Due to persistent acne and pain on using the bp, I set aside using it on just this week. My question is... Do i need to continue using the regimen plus bp for my 3rd week? Or go back to square one? Everytime I wake up now, I see 3-5 active acne popping ou
  5. did you break out that bad?mine is worse... Are you clear now? What did you do aside from the regimen? Thank you for the encouragement. Are you still having flaky skin and breakouts? I just keep on having new zits everytime I wake up. I feel horrible and sad because it tortures me. People see and ask me what happen to my skin. I dont know what to tell them anymore.
  6. Yes. And it is really depressing. Especially when everytime you wake up there are new acne popping out. I am obviously not going out because of these. The way other people look at you makes and feel horrible. Hmmm.... I am really lookng forward in clearing this up. Are you on your 2nd week too? Thanks for the post nicmic. Its a great help. Anyway, are you breaking and having comedones when you were on your week two? Mine is bad. I just wanna lock myself up in the room everytime Im losing ho
  7. Hello everyone! Im on my 2nd week using the regimen. My acne is getting worse and not getting any better. Pics included but please don't be hard on me. I am thinking twice posting these and the pics. I am religiously doing what is told but my acne got worse. With full revenge! I am having dry skin though I moisturize with two full pumps and still flaking. I only have 5-8 zits before but now is depressing. Should I stop the regimen having this outcome on 2nd week?
  8. Oh.. I thought you're in the Phils. I dont think they have that in the local drugstores or groceries here. Hmm.... Im still on the process of the regimen. Do I need to go back to square one even though Im on the regimen since 2014?
  9. Oh.. I thought you're in the Phils. I dont think they have that in the local drugstores or groceries here. Hmm.... Im still on the process of the regimen. Do I need to go back to square one even though Im on the regimen since 2014?
  10. Hello everyone! Now I'm on my 2nd week on the regimen. My skin has become flaky and oily. And more specially I have active acne around my mouth area. Maybe about 5-8 zits! Jeeze! The worse part is the acne scar after it It is really so depressing! I just cant stop picking my skin removing the flakes and the active acne. It is painful and I hate the sight of it that it looks like a pustule. I tried not to. I am really trying so hard. I am also having tiny bumps on my forehead still. I am relig
  11. Thanks for the encouragement nicmic. I just purchased online the cerave. Do you know any establishment or drugstore who sell the one you were using? I bought it online. And will try later. I am going back to my OB this weekend reg. my hormonal problem too. Have you ever used revlon colorstay too? I am kinda using it just now bec. I wanna hide the acne marks. Not helping on hiding the bumps!hayyyy....
  12. Hi nicmic! Honestly, I religiously have read your profile and blogs. I am lifted whenever I feel depressed by your successful stories. How I wish my journey through this acne dilemma will be as clear as you are now. Are you also taking a pill until now? Have you ever tried getting off from it? What products are you using?pls help. I need your advice and everyone who's going trough the same boat like mine.
  13. Good day everyone! I came across this website and decided to sign up for personal advice. Ive been using the regimen since 2014. I have decided to tapered it down to use the bp to once daily since I only have some zits of about 1 or 2. During my regimen, I am also taking althea pills due to some obgyne reasons. I was off the pill for 5 months now and I noticed that I am having zits all over. More so on my mouth area. It is just bad and is depressing me. I am having oily skin also. I returned my
  14. I used the one in the picture and the PM version. I think they're the same. But I stopped using them about a year ago. Did it break you out? Thats why you stopped it? Or you also switched to another one?