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  1. trust me i know the feeling
  2. I use to have the same problem, still do sometimes. Are you on any type of regimen?
  3. good call. I would also like to know
  4. does anyone else besides me like the smell of proactiv because I use to love putting that stuff on just from the smell of it alone:)
  5. I've used BP before but I never got the same results as I do now. I think the big scret as to why it works is method of application and the ultilization of a system appose to just bp alone
  6. i tried the natural methpod for a year. My face didn't really get worse but it for sure didn't get any better. I've been on Dans CSR for about 6 weeks and during this whole period I've only gotten 5 pimples. Not the greatest results, but a hell of a lot better than not using anything
  7. thanks for the tip, i'll try it tonight
  8. tried it twice and it still didn't help me
  9. I've been using Neutrogena for about 12 days and so far it seems to be working...slow mind you, but working. I wanted to buy Eurecin but I hear if you order it now regardless of place, the expiration date is too close for comfort.
  10. All I have to say is this product is a waste of money. It actually made my skin 10x worse. I did a search and I found out I wasn't the only one so I created this thread to warn future buyers to stay far away from this product. 90% success rate my ass
  11. same goes for me. Don't let a few people discourage you from buying the gel. The old stuff is working for a lot of people minus the redness and the only reason there are no threads about it is because people mostly rant when it's not working and not the other way around
  12. it actually made my skin more dry than bp alone
  13. The new stuff is working wonders for me and I never went through any intial "Red stage" like many of you have gone through
  14. You sure about this? I found it to be completley opposite. I agree with handsome (boy does that sound weird saying lol)