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  1. Jodiat, If you think that cutting calories is the best way to loose excess fat a low carb diet is still the best. Metabolic advantage or not, low carb diets are the best diets for weightloss. Even Danny admits this. And it has been proven in several trails. It would be logical to choose the diet that has been most sucessfull in producing weightloss. That happens to be the low carbohydrate diet. If it would have been the "balanced" diet or the low fat diet that has produced the greates results
  2. Taubes lecture again, on videogoogle. Big Fat Lies with Gary Taubes, 02/06/08 Stevens Institute of Technology
  3. WAPF has some articles on the subject. http://www.westonaprice.org/healthissues/bloodmoon.html http://www.westonaprice.org/healthissues/ethicsmeat.html
  4. I get very hungry if I don't eat ridiculus amounts of fat. The difference is huge with just a little more fat. like from 60/40 to 75/25 (fat/protein).
  5. My Last "offical" (morning after bathroom vist)weight was 76,4 kilograms = 168,433168 pounds like a week ago. I think I have gained some more since that. My weight at this moment (night time) is 77,8 kilograms = 171,51964 pounds Must be all that bone marrow I have been eating. Are you still on the milk?
  6. The thing is it's impossible to have a "balanced" diet composed of only plant food. There are nutrients that can only be found in animal food. Period.
  7. Did you mean swallowing? Of course your not going to absorb carbs trough your mouth. Maltose is a sugar, no? A disaccharide. The same as table sugar. Ingesting starch and chewing it is the same thing as swallowing sugar. Assuming that you chew, and chewing is generally recommended. If complex carbs are digested so slowly how come there is a great rise in blood sugar within minutes of eating a starch rich meal?
  8. How on earth did you get THAT idea?? Have you ever compared the GI of a baked russet potato to common table sugar? :) Because thats how it works... complex carbs are digested slower. Not really. Starch is turned into sugar the moment it comes in contact with your saliva.
  9. Why? Ketones spinning up inside my brain For me there's always sunshine never rain :wacko:
  10. It has a well known side effect of clear skin (for some).
  11. ‘Cooking as a biological trait’ Very interesting read.
  12. MRW did you know steak beats both rock, paper and scissors!
  13. I would personally never use olive oil as one of my main "added" fat sources. I think you should seek out some animal based fats. Tallow, bone marrow (It's actually a delicuos gourmet food, I promise!) and butter are my main sources of fat.
  14. Danny you always rant on about that protein causes insulin to be secreated. You always forget to mention that protein also stimulates the release of glucagon, compensating the insulin levels and keep a normal blood sugar. Besides low carb diets are high in FAT, NOT PROTEIN. Protein is supposed to be fixed anyway so we can only compare fats vs. carbs. And in that case fat wins every time when it comes to keeping insulin levels low and blood glucose stable.
  15. Weston Price showed that the more animal food people ate the less tooth decay had.
  16. Natural trans fat found in mammals is not unhealthy. It's just the man made ones that are dangerous. Olive oil is mostly monounsaturated but it still has more omega 6 than beef.
  17. Beef fat will always be healthy, even the worst grainfed cows still have a good fatty acid profile. If you replace it with olive oil you will loose the beneficial saturated fats and add unnecessary amounts of omega 6 to your diet.