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  1. There is no plaque. It's BS theories like this one that gives holistic medicine a bad reputation. Quackery!
  2. Eat as much eggs as you want. It's very unlikley that you will suddenly develop an intolerance if you have no problems with them now.
  3. Are you taking pure vitamin C or something with flavanoids and blahblabullshit?
  4. I still get skin problems from raw milk. The only dairy that I know for sure works for me is butter. And that is pasteurized butter anyway.
  5. So what your saying is that you should eat a little bit of crap instead of alot? Why not just replace it altogheter with healthier foods?
  6. Healthy ice cream: * many egg yolks * heavy cream (if very sensitive to dairy use coconut milk instead, it will be less tasty but still OK) * vanilla essence * a little bit of stevia or other tolerated sweetener. Mix and put in ice cream machine or straight in the freezer. Serve alone or with a some fruit or berries. Enjoy!
  7. Animal products >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soy Stop eating processed soy (junkfood). If you want to eat vegetarian sources of protein eat things like eggs, cheese (if tolerated) and things like lentils. But also adding meat would be even better. http://www.westonaprice.org/soy/index.html
  8. I doubt it's from the oil. Taking more omega 6 would be a bad idea IMO, it's better to keep overall PUFA low. 1-2 teaspoons is not much, maybe if you eat fish several times everyday you should consider lowering omega 3.
  9. I don't think anyone has mentioned salt. Simply take a pinch of sea salt in glass of water.
  10. The point is eating by the food pyramid does not make you healthy and slim as it claims. Compared to people with no intervention at all (eating SAD and sitting on their ass) the people eating by the food pyramid gain no health benefits, not even if they exercise more. On top of all that it's vitrually impossible to follow the guidelines without going mad and ending up binge eating junkfood.
  11. Dried fruit provide lots of sugar with little volume so they are easy to overdo. But as a small part of a meal they are probably fine for moste people. Eat them as dessert or part of a meal rather than alone as snacks.
  12. Btw Jesse do you have any kind of "goal weight"? Im thinking I don't want to get much higher than 80 kg. I have already got rid of half my wardrobe soon there will be nothing left to wear!
  13. If I remember correctly from reading Breaking the vicious cycle by Elaine Gottschall amylose is digested far more easily while amylopectin is harder to digest often passing trough the intestine undigested. According to her amylose would be absorbed quicker and also have a higher GI than amylopectin.
  14. It takes far more than 10 days to adapt to a ketogenic diet. Where are you getting this number from? It's common knowledge in low carbs circles that it takes several weeks and even months to fully adapt and enjoy the benefits. Go read on any forum and you will find this is true. For normal muscle mass there is no need for carbs. There is an advantage for some in gaining mass if you consume carbs post workout. For me I seem do be doing just fine without them (both pre and post) so I prefer to st
  15. I have been taking kelp extract. I have not noticed much at all, good or bad. I just take it as a precaution.
  16. Im sorry I did not make myself clear enough. This only applies to prolonged(or extremely intense) exercise were people burn enough fuel to "hit the wall", for example triathlon.
  17. I prefer cod liver oil. http://www.greenpasture.org/products/cod-liver-oil
  18. Could you link to these studies showing greater muscle loss in LC diets Danny? To me the only sensible reason is that it was short term trails and that their bodies were wasting muscle to produce glucose before they adapted to their new metabolism. And yeah I don't doubt that body builders need carbs to get huge, but they are a different breed than us normal folks and are beyond what is considered natural muscles.