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  1. Is it true that asians produce more enzymes to digest starch (amylase) ???
  2. My body is a temple, My body is a temple, My body is a temple.... And tonight I'll tear it down! I think you should start eating meat. Most of the clear people on this board eat lots of animal products. It's perfectly healthy and probably the "safest" food for your skin out there. You will feel a million times better, the weakness will disappear. And eat fatty cuts, they are healthier than lean meat.
  3. Congratulations! Feels like I have read this same story 10 times on this forum alone.
  4. I don't understand you now. If 20% of the SCPUFA becomes LCPUFA the amount of n-6 goes down and the amount of n-3 goes up.
  5. I really want to get off this argument already, but...I still don't understand how this is true. Nuts, seeds, and fatty fruits typically hate a 10:1 ratio, or more. Leafy greens usually have a 1:2 ratio, however they have such small amounts of fat that you would have to 15+ cups of them a day to counterbalance the nuts/seeds. Assuming you eat 6 cups of them a day, which is reasonable, your ratio would still be at 10:1. I don't think that a 1:1 ratio is the healthiest, but getting it to at least
  6. A natural diet rich in green leafy veggies, nuts, seeds and fatty fruits provide on a verage a n-6 to n-3 ratio of 1:5 which is very good and balanced compared to the 30:1 of the average person. Some fish here and there though helps for a proper intake of DHA and EPA. That being said a ratio of 1:1 promoted by fish-oil mongers is just not needed. She said that her most significant fat sources were olive oil, walnuts, and almond butter. This would throw her fatty acid balance to at least 10:1
  7. Perhaps their diets are not as healthy as they think? To the OP, this is very true. It may take as much as a full year for the worst cases.
  8. Soy oil in your fish oil?! toss it. Yuck. Alot of people are actually allergic to cod and cod liver oil. Perhaps try halibut liver oil?
  9. Did the beef replace something else that has a lot of fiber? Or did the beef replace a similar food such as chicken?
  10. 1. Look at http://www.nutritiondata.com/ and compare liver, red meat, egg yolks, fish etc. to fruits and vegetables. You will get most of your RDA with no problem. 2. Most people don't have to. Some are sensitive to fructose, salicylates, fiber or other substances found in vegetables. 3. I don't understand how people can have energy with a pound of vegetables in their stomach or the sugar from a plate of pasta pouring trough their bloodstream. Some people need a certain amount of carbs to feel
  11. It will make you fart... No really it will make you fart. Maltitol is known to cause digestive distress. Inulin is also indigestible and will feed fermentative bacteria i your colon. Although inulin is claimed to feed friendly bacteria I am skeptical.
  12. You guys don't know what you are talking about. This is the stuff you should be drinking...
  13. Yes. But I never really learned to like it anyway. No beer for me! Bring me the absolut vodka!
  14. Danny I tried to email you but the adress failed. I sent it to your .org user aswell but I guess that was of no use. If you tell me what adress to send to I will try again.