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  1. There has been alot of talk about red meat and cholesterol etc. lately on this board. I would just like to share what the nurse said about my blood test. "All levels perfect" I do not have the actual results for you here but I will get them in about 2 weeks. This was blood lipids, homocysteine, liver enzymes along with all the standard stuff. I live primarly of really fatty red meat such as beef and lamb. I eat only a few cooked vegetables each day and I don't eat fruit at all except on spec
  2. Mine would be a picture of a cow.
  3. Eat the fatty cuts and don't worry about it. You will reach the ripe age of 78 years.
  4. It's just not true that it causes constipation. On the boards I visit the oposite is true. The norm is that digestive problems are reduced or eliminated.
  5. I pretty much agree with this authour and he has a good reputation among people suffering from intestinal disease. He recommends a no-carb no-fiber diet for healing the gut. It worked for me. It literally cured my IBS. Im not saying that a no-fiber diet is required but I do think high fiber diets are dangerous. Especially the raw trend. There is a good quote from Jan Kwasniewski regarding this subject:
  6. Candida is overrated. Look into eliminating problematic food like wheat,dairy and grains to see results in your skin. Look at the link in my signature for diets that have been proven to work for people. God Jul och gott nytt år!
  7. Since I am not a smoker. I will START smoking on the same date! (Smoking makes you cool and you get to sit at the popular kids table)
  8. You are not a vegetarian if you eat fish. Add some red meat, poultry and cod liver oil and you have a pretty nice diet! Your diet as it is right now is to lean without any added source of fat like butter or fatty meat.
  9. Traditionall swedish julafton. It kicks ass! There was meat EVERYWHERE! Not a vegetable in sight. The closest thing to a vegetable was potatoes(I did not eat them). Baked lamb with herbs( No one wants the fatty pieces so I can steal them all to myself)Smoked Leg of Reindeer(yes, I ate Rudolph, he is really tasty smoked)gravad laxBaked SalmonFish roePork ribsX-mas Hampickled herringshrimpsAnd since it is was a holiday I also had a few grapes, gooseberrys and glögg.
  10. Butter is good. Margarine is horrible.
  11. The reason this person cleared up is likely that he avoided dairy. Vitamin A from animal food is safe at high doses and most people get way way to little. Carotenes are inferior. I have been taking 20-30 thousands IU of vitamin-A per day for a long time with only positive effects. Take your cod liver oil without fear boys and girls. Vitamin A on trail
  12. - Vad är det för skillnad på en överkörd kanin och en överkörd norrman? - Det är inga bromsspår framför norrmannen. !