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  1. From Chris Masterjohn http://www.cholesterol-and-health.com/PUFA...ial-Report.html IMO red meat should form the base of a low carb diet. Beef, lamb, pork.
  2. Regarding nuts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeUKmP3eDX8
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    1. All of those foods are high in salicylates. Alot of people are intolerant of them without having a clue until they eliminate them and realise they caused symptoms. http://www.plantpoisonsandrottenstuff.info...alicylates.aspx
    2. IMO white rice is actually healthier than brown rice since it is so much easier to digest. It's not like your going to base your diet around rice. A small amount is fine as long as you eat alot of nutrient dense food to buffer it. I think Dannys list looks pretty good. I would choose these items from his list: carrots pumpkin tursnip juicy fruits honey sweet potatoes wild rice sweet corn baby peas yogurt (if you tolerate probiotics and such) sprouts lentils potatoes
    3. I have never seen ready made roasted chicken without some kind of spices or addatives. Genereally pre made chicken = MSG. If you are certain that it's just chicken and nothing else I guess it would be ok.
    4. I have gained a considerable amount of weight on a low carb high fat diet. I was underweight before from eating "healthy" but after going low carb I gained all my weight back, and then some. Im not really into bodybuilding, I just train muay thai 2x a week and skateboard every now and then. Im about 78 kg right now, still gaining a bit each week. Here I am at I don't know what weight, just way too skinny that's for sure. Here I was at 75 kg in february. So yeah it's perfectly possible to ga
    5. My parents understand why I eat the way I do and have seen me transform my health. They even buy me ribeyes sometimes during the weekends.
    6. Hey Alex, you can buy fresh pork belly sometimes just called "side" and fry it just like bacon, it will not tasty exactly the same but It's still really good and fatty. You can even buy pork chops if you want to. No one will know you had pork chops for breakfast.. Maybe add some more meat and eggs to your meals. Then you can have your avocado as a snack instead of the milk. If you want to replace the tuna, try different types of seafood. There is shrimp, salmon, cod, mackerel etc. etc.
    7. Hey Crevin and congratulations! You did not meantion any fats in your diet. Are the ground meats fatty? I just wanted to mention the importance of eating alot of fat if your diet is that low in carbs, otherwise it will cause problems long term. http://www.second-opinions.co.uk/fat-not-protein.html
    8. As always there is an article on WAPF about the subject. The Liver Files Recipes and Lore About Our Most Important Sacred Food http://www.westonaprice.org/foodfeatures/liver.html
    9. Life without bread - Wolfgang Lutz Great great book.
    10. Snack - There is meat! The ultimate high calorie bodybuilding food!
    11. You should start with the ones that are mostly fat, butter, cream, creme fraiche etc. they are the most tolerated ones.