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  1. Both the "raw" and the "vegan" has little to do with health and are alot more like religions than diets. Raw vegans are great at creating their own "healthy raw treats" such as raw ice cream, raw energy bars raw this raw that. Those items are only marginally better than candy. Becoming a vegan is in no way beneficial to your skin or health. The health improvements people achieve trough following such a diet are due to avoiding processed foods, not animal foods. The placebo effect also plays
  2. Often people that breathe through their mouth do so because their nasal airway is underdeveloped and narrow. The reason for this is poor nutrition during childhood, your mothers diet during pregnancy and perhaps even the health/nutrition of previous generations in your family. http://westonaprice.org/healthissues/facial-development.html
  3. Coconut oil and olive oil are generally fine. Nuts like almonds and most seeds are high in polyunsaturated fats and tend to aggrevate skin conditions in alot of people. On top of that they are almost impossible to digest. I would keep them at a minimum.
  4. I find it hilarious that this title has boosted this threads views really well. The people have spoken. They want retarded titles. Cornfed meat is not disease ridden. It's still a healthy food if it's fresh and free of addatives. It may be lower in certain nutrients but that does not mean the nutrient profile does not prevent deficiencies or cause disease in humans. Coconut oil is generally great. The problem is that alot of people are intolerant to the naturally occurring chemi
  5. No. No. No. Why would it? Just make sure to eat enough fat. I'ts hard to get enough fat just from meat since it is often trimmed. An easy way to get lots of healthy fat in your diet is trough butter and other high fat dairy.
  6. I guess I have childish features. Also no one in my family have alot of facial hair. I think my dad was 30 before he was able to grow a beard. lol.
  7. That's Owsley Stanley. I read his thread back when he had just posted it. Here is a picture of him from not too long ago. http://tinyurl.com/9kgxj8 It is alot cheaper compared to fastfood, soft drinks, bottles water, organic vegetables that other people buy. Consider how calorie dense fatty meat and butter is and compare it to other food and you realise that its not that expensive. Go for cheap fatty meat and tenderize it or use a slow cooking method. Yeah and most people comple
  8. I just did a small social experiment to see how many more views this topic will get with a completely retarded title. I have noticed that the topics with alot of views have titles like this. Probably reflecting the age group and nationality of this forum. (Read american teen)
  9. I stopped using products like a year before I went on this diet. It did not help that much. The reason that I only use water is that the products I used did nothing/made it worse so I saw no point in using them. Im not avoiding random food, I avoid/include food on the basis of evolution, personal experience and modern nutritional science (telling us for example that polyunsaturated fats are very hazardous to our health). Vegetables high in food chemicals tend to break me out and also
  10. I have scars but they are only visible at certain angles and lighting. I eat bananas sometimes. The rest of the food is things like sour cream, a small piece of cheese, a bit of rice or potatoes, piece of fruit. I don't bother eating vegetables. This applies to any diet high in protein not just a low carb diet. If you eat zero carbs you may need a bit more protein than if you eat say 50-100 carbs. I probably eat around 50 g carbs/day right now. I think a better term for
  11. Whole grain bread has gluten as well as white bread. The type of grain and not how refined it is determines if it contains gluten or not. Glucose is not an enzyme it a sugar. Whole wheat and white bread generally both have a high glycemic index. White bread has a GI of 100, whole wheat bread has a GI of 97. The glucose itself has nothing to with acne. It's the hormonal effects of a chronic high glycemic load that has been linked to acne. Modern whole grain bread is less healthy than
  12. Except for perhaps olive oil and avocado all of those oils are unhealthy in more than trace amounts. Even olive oil and acovados contain far too much polyunsaturated fat to be eaten in more than sparse amounts. Some of these fats also contain toxic phytochemicals (at least most plant fats). Regarded as "healthy antioxidants" by the seed oil industry. There is no need for such chemicals in your body if you eat fats that are less prone to oxidation, meaning the saturated and monounsaturated fats
  13. All oils from plant sources are called "vegetable oil" even if they are from a nut or seedor fruit. Olive oil and coconut oil are still vegetable oils. The term does not mean much at all in terms of what is healthy. As previously stated in this thread it is the POLYUNSATURATED vegetable oils that you must avoid in order to be healthy. Unless you avoid these your are never going to get clear skin. All of these oils including corn, soybean, canola, cottonseed etc. are highly toxic. Polyunsa
  14. I have found that eliminating fiber as much as possible has made my stools perfect. http://www.fibermenace.com/ has a lot of information about the dangers of excess dietary fiber.
  15. Thanks man. I know that because I still get breakouts from eating certain foods! If I were to eat them daily my skin would soon look like a battlefield again. This includes many fruits, certain vegetables (yes it is true vegetables can be bad for you!). Nuts are probably the worst for me and causes painful nodules after one or two days. Perhaps my age plays a role in my healing but I honestly think that I would still have severe acne and alot worse scarring today If I had not changed m
  16. Thanks! I actually have that book "The metabolic typing diet". Im supposedly a protein type. I do not put much trust in metabolic typing. In the end trail and error works best. I just started eating meat and butter all day long and it worked. I eat a little more carbs these days in the form of white rice and I seem to do fine with that.Like 50 g per day. Some days none. I avoid brown rice sine it has too much fiber to be healthy. Good luck!
  17. Anything for you my friend! Cod liver oil: http://www.greenpasture.org/products/cod-liver-oil/1001 Get the unflavored one. The Vitamin C is just pure ascorbic acid (buy at any pharmacy or supermarket) just a tiny pinch licked from my finger. Supplements containing flavanoids and stuff is a scam and a waste of money IMO. Buy the cheap pure grade product instead. I take a very small amount these days. Just when I remember it. You can mix ascorbic acid 50/50 with baking soda in water if you want
  18. Heya! The safest bet IMO is pure booze like vodka and such along with water. Beer is alot better than addative laden drink blends etc. Unless you are sensitive to gluten then I would avoid beer or drink a gluten free beer, like Corona. Thanks! None whatsoever. Just water once a day. I also touch my face as much as I want.
  19. I have washed with water only before I started the diet. I dont find not using products clears my skin, its just that products have just made it worse or had no effect. I have to eat an extreme diet. I have done extensive testing on what kind of food is problematic for my skin. A meat based diet is the only thing that clears it. Its advice like this that keep people from having success with their diets. The balanced diet is a myth created by the food industri. Meat will not make yo
  20. Eating a low carb diet based on meat seems do clear acne. I went from eating a typical western diet to this and my acne cleared.
  21. Thanks. About 80-90% of what I eat is red meat and butter. Other foods include various dairy products, some seafood, a little white rice or a piece of fruit. I take no supplements. I avoid polyunsaturated fats like the plague. I avoid all forms of products on my face and body, including shampoo, perfume etc. I only wash once a day in the shower with water. I try to go to bed early and have a good nights sleep. That's about it.
  22. Here are some new pictures of my skin, before and after! Before: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3015/308406...63f334638_o.jpg After: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3251/308490...2f805bfeb_o.jpg I do not claim perfect skin. But skin that is a hell of a lot better than before. Eat your meat kids!
  23. None of them. The only omega 3 supplement I would take is a small amount (1/2 tsp) of cod liver oil. Mostly for the vitamins and not the omega 3. But I get plenty of fat soluble vitamins from my diet so I don't supplement at all right now. I have come to lean more towards the ideas of Ray Peat. That PUFAS should be avoided altogheter except the small amounts found naturally in animal fats and tropical oils such as coconut and macademia. Read Ray Peat's article "The Great Fish Oil Experiment"