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  1. My face is red and dry from the benzoyl peroxide. What should I do from here on out to get my skin used to it? Should I continue with the bp? Would my skin eventually adapt or would it just get worse? Or should I take breaks in between until my skin goes back to normal? I'm just confused what's the best way to have my skin adapt to the bp. Do you guys just power through the side effects until they go away?
  2. I've been using the regimen for a while now, but I'm still getting some stubborn zits popping up (it's still an improvement though). I came across tea tree oil as an effective means of getting rid of zits fast. Just wanted to know how to use it most effectively. Is diluting necessary? Spot treatment only or should i mix it with a moisturizer? All experiences and insights with tea tree oil would be appreciated. Also, does the brand matter at all? I was jus gonna pick a bottle up at
  3. Yeah it should be fine. A single pump always been good enough for me. Any more than you need would be wasteful.