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  1. I think I've posted this a million times, so I feel dumb saying it again.... I used hydrogen peroxide for over 2 years, and all it does is: kills germs for 5-6 months, gives you a ruddy, uneven complexion, stops working, and sometimes foams in reaction to bacteria on your skin. I highly recommend you don't use it. Also, rubbing alcohol kills both good AND bad germs on your skin, which leaves everything very susceptible to more bacteria. It's not worth it, trust me. I stopped using it and noti
  2. Baking soda mixed with a little bit of water (to make it pasty) as a mask or a scrub. Use gently when using as a scrub, and leave it on for 5-10 minutes as a mask. Works wonders!
  3. I stopped using it recently and my skin is faaar better than it has been for the past 3 years of using Dove bar soap.
  4. Isopropyl Alcohol, not Hydrogen Peroxide, kills both good AND bad germs, which increases chances of infection. Not good.
  5. Using a fresh towel just feels right...it probably does make a difference (it must...) Think I've mentioned this before, but at night before I go to bed I get a clean towel to dry my face with and then shower with the next morning. Then I use that towel to put around the sink so water doesn't get everywhere and repeat.
  6. You might simply be allergic.
  7. Excuse me Miracleman, but how about you try and respect people's opinions? You don't what people have experienced. So don't come onto the board being a big know-it-all. And don't tell people they don't anything about acne, ok? Have some respect and patience.
  8. If it foams, I rub it in my (cleaned!) hands so no foaming agents irritate my face, or if it's something like the C&C Blackhead Scrub, I spread it over my hands so the beads don't concentrate in one area. As a girl, I massage it into my face for a good 30-45 seconds to get off makeup. But really, you should even if you don't wear makeup. You want to wipe away dead skin particles, get clean, and if you're using a scrub, you want to fully exfoliate. Am I right?
  9. When I was 12 I thought they were doing loads of good, and sure, stuff came off them..but now I realize they do shit for 'cleaning your pores'. :
  10. No, baking soda and baking powder are different. Baking soda will work if you give it a shot. Leave it on for a few minutes (as a paste), and then wet your fingers a little bit and scrub it around. Leaves skin really smooth, but I suggest moisturizing afterwards.
  11. I tried just a spot of it to if it would work, and my skin got mad itchy and it BURNED like crazy. I've never felt so itchy and irritated on my face in my life! So as a suggestion to anyone who's never tried it - just use a little bit on a discrete area to see if your skin doesn't go crazy.