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  1. Hey I know what your going through, adult acne sucks. I had clear skin until my early 20's and all of a sudden starting breaking out. I found that milk thistle and cod liver oil really helped for me. worth a try since they are both cheap.
  2. hey thanks for the input guys. It was done by a dermatologist, she told me its not a scar, its hyperpigmented and that it should fade. I was kind of upset because now im stuck with this dark mark that may or may not fade. I want to try another peel to get rid of the mark but she told me to wait and see if it will fade on its own. So far its been a little over 3 weeks and it doesn't look any better to me. I will try and post another picture when I get home tonight. Anyone know about laser treatme
  3. Hey guys, so I got a chemical peel last week and It burned my skin in two spots, both right under my eyes. I left it alone for a few days and they turned into scabs that fell of when I showered yesterday. There are now two dark marks lefts and I don't know what to do. I asked the lady who did the peel and she said to use calendula cream and it will fade...sigh... Its pretty bad, people at work asked if I got punched in the eye. I was thinking about trying another peel that's not as strong so I c
  4. so its been around 2 weeks and no change yet...
  5. im not going to lie I jumped on the bandwagon yesterday and bought all the same stuff big phil uses. I will try to do weekly updates. so far after day 1 no difference.
  6. hey, so I know this is a old post but has anyone else had any good results ?