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    All natural ingredients Money back guarantee Free samples available Takes time to see results Strange Odour Can Stain clothes I have been using Salcura's products for quite some time now, I combine the Antiac spray with their Sensitive Face Wash Omega 3,6,7 and 9 formula. Salcura boast all natural ingredients which is what drawn me to their products as I have spent the last twenty or so years bombarding my skin with chemical treatments, as I also suffer from Rosacea I needed a product that would
  2. I had Vbeam earlier this year for my rosacea (diagnosed in 2008) as I was sick of my cheeks flushing bright red and it started to spread down my neck, I also had quite a few broken veins around the nose which I really hated, I payed £400 for both cheeks and my nose then again after six weeks had the same procedure, my broken veins around my nose completely disappeared after the first treatment but had my nose done again the second time round just to make sure. The redness on my cheeks was reduc