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  1. I used a drugstore brand of aha (alpha hydrox) and noticed as soon as I combined them that it turned runny. Did anyone notice this? Also how long did it take for you guys to see results with the aha.
  2. Cetaphil doesn't seem to break me out but it feels sticky on my skin. I go to sleep and wake up and it's still sticky. I won't repurchase. I plan on using cerave after I use this up. Alot of people seem to like it.
  3. Thanks accutastic for the sunscreen suggestion. 've never heard of that brand. Does it ball up with the benzoyl peroxide? I wish to have laser in the future but that's way in the future. I'm hoping this regimen gets it under control first.
  4. Hi guys, I've been reading (and watching alot of youtube videos) about the regimen and I see alot of people mentioning that their face peels and becomes sensitive. Does that go away? The reason I"m asking is because I thread my eyebrows and I'm afraid it'll seriously irritate my face. I know with accutane it's a big NO NO (did the accutane route and acne came back a year later). Does your skin peel off when you get your eyebrows done ladies or gentlemen? Any scarring? Do you not get your eye
  5. I guess it might just be this batch. The next two days I still had a bit of grit. Hopefully the next one is smooth. Thanks for letting me know! How long have you been on the regimen for? Do you use the whole system or do you buy alternate cleansers/moisturizers.
  6. I used the regimen for the first time today and the bp cream feels gritty. It felt like little pieces of sand on my face while I was rubbing it in. Is this normal? Has anyone had this issue?