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  1. I think the regimen is perfect for mild acne, but remember it's more prevention and maintenance than cure. You have to do it twice a day, every day, forever. And it works well. Here are the products I use, others will probably recommend others. Dove Soap (pH neutral and all that) Dan's CSR BP cream (all the way from america I know but this is the least irritating, you can just slap it on) Simple Moisturisers (Simple is the brand name, I get it in Boots, I've seen it in Sainsbury's) And follow
  2. I thought Simple used to be a Boots brand? Then the packaging changed, and I think the formula did too. It's excellent stuff tough, and cheap too. I'm using the rich moisturiser at the moment, takes a while to absorb so will experiment with the light moisturiser when I return to the UK.
  3. I think there's demand for it, I don't know how much exactly. (First post in over a year, regimen continues to go well)
  4. Like Mandy and others I'd give my face a good feel. That was the hardest habit to break. And it would be great to only spend five minutes in the bathroom in the morning. When I'm happy I get Tiggerish, so I'd probably go dancing - don't wait up. jim
  5. I'm 25 and mostly clear thanks to the Regimen. Mild acne wouldn't have been a problem when I was younger and a bit more acned myself, that would have been normal. Now that I'm older and clearer I'd like a clear girl too. Hypothetically speaking. jim
  6. We did that two months ago. We didn't save as much money as we hoped. jim
  7. I'm starting to believe dry skin is very bad and causes acne if your skin breaks. Instead keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using plenty of moisturiser. I'm sure someone here will set me straight if I'm wrong. jim
  8. I hated Panoxyl's aquagel, from the tacky feel to the irritation. I used Oxy on the Spot for years but it never got me completely clear. Dan's gel did get me completely clear, I'm also no longer red which I still got my Oxy, and with Dan's gel, because it's clear and less irritating, you can just slap it on. Dan's gel scores in everyway. jim
  9. I know this has been done to death here, but I'm going to buy Dan's cleanser and gel. (I already use the gel, it's great, really it is). I know shipping is pricey, and then they tax you, don't they, over a certain weight or cost. So what is the optimum order? jim
  10. These are the guys to get it from; Lookgr8.co.uk http://www.lookgr8.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index I use their lactic acid. They sell on ebay too. jim
  11. I'm trying to grow stubble/beard at the moment - and it's pathetic. I'm just not a hairy guy. I've got some hair on my lip and chin, but it's very patchy everywhere else. There are ants with more manly beards than me. What I've got is starting to annoy me now because I can't do my regimen. This is an attempt to even out what I did to my hair since I shaved it off. jim
  12. Buzzed does look good, on more butch, better looking people. But I'm a skinny guy and it doesn't work. It was a mistake! And I used to have long wavy locks :( Stubble might do it. I could still use the cream. I might dig out my glasses too in order to soften my face. People won't recognise me! ;) jim