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  1. VioletClutch

    How I Cured My Acne!

    Wow good to hear that But I've a question, do you air dry or pat dry your face after washing with water?
  2. VioletClutch

    Oatmeal Cleanser

    Hey (I saw this video and wanted to give it a try but wasnt sure.) My skin do have some pimples and scars. My skin is also quite sensitive, dry and red. I would like to know anyone uses oatmeal to cleanse their skin? If so, does it help in reducing pimples, scars etc. ? And can I not apply moisturizer after that? Thank you
  3. VioletClutch

    Caveman Regimen Help!

    Hey do you get itchy skin during this regimen? Because i do :\ Its real real itchy.
  4. Hey I'm 16 Female. I've been having pimple/acne since I was 12. I have pretty oily skin. Never dry. I have been using drugstore facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer when I start getting pimples. Awhile ago, I came across the caveman regimen or the water only regimen. I started last month and my skin is getting worst at that month. About 20+ days, my face started getting itchy. I couldnt bear with the itchiness, so I used a facial cleanser to wash my face. WORST MISTAKE. My face is al