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  1. I am now a month into using Retin-A Micro 0.08% gel, along with Clindamycin gel or Clindamycin Topical Solution. I am still breaking out, but not as much as I was before and my skin tone looks a little better than it did before I started. I had a lot of little bumps on my forehead, between my eyebrows, on my cheeks, and a few under the skin pimples that were a little big. My skin tone looked really horrible as well. I don't get huge pimple or pimples all that much any more. I think the Retin-A
  2. Hey to everyone, I haven't been on here in a while. I have been really busy with my school work. I finally acheived clear skin during the summer 2014. I was put on Epiduo in February and Clindamycin gel in May. It took up until May for my skin to finally start clearing up and it kept getting better from there. It didn't stop breaking out until the middle of May I think. The clindamycin gel played a part in that because I can't use any other face washes besides cetaphil gentle skin wash b
  3. I am now into my 7th week of Epiduo. About two days into the 6th week my skin looked sooo terrible. I had huge pimples and tons of breakouts. I thought my skin was about to get better but it just did a total 360. My skin was a little bit more red and drier. Towards the end of the week it started to clear up but I still have some of the scarring because the breakouts happened in clusters. I ran out of my Loreal Paris Sensitive Skin face wash so I finally bought Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  4. How much BP is in Dan's wash? I would suggest Simple Rich Moisturizer. A little goes a long way and it is free of parabens and anything that would clog up pores. I had my derm take a look at it to make sure. I would suggest leaving your face damp after you wash it and taking a very time amount...dime sized probably and dotting it onto your face and then rubbing it in. It should be soaked in well by the time you leave for school in the mornings. It doesn't take long to dry...just make sure not to
  5. If you are using a retinoid I would think it would be important to wash your face with a cleanser. Have you tried Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser or Cereve Moisturizing Wash? If your retinoid or acne meds are not that thick on your face then I don't think there would be a problem with you washing your face with just water. I have heard of people doing it bc of how dry their skin is and it didn't make them break out or break out worse. I would say go for it but make sure the water is luke warm and
  6. My skin has come a long way since those first weeks. My skin was horribly red (looked sunburnt) and dry to the point where I could hardly move my face after I took a shower. No my skin is still really dry and still a little red. My derm told me not to use a moisturizer but I see her again in 3 weeks (at the 9 wk mark actually) so I am gonna ask her if she will change her mind bc my skin is super dry at this point and it will hardly exfoliate any more. As far as breakouts I am still breaking out
  7. I can't take any oral meds because I have Ulcerative Colitis. No antibiotics, topical antibiotics, or birth control. So I can only stick with topical prescription meds that won't efftect my UC.
  8. If you wanna ask your derm for something ask for Epiduo and Aczone it one product does not work for you. My friend is on Epiduo and Aczone and his skin cleared within a month. Good luck!
  9. For your chest, neck, and back acne try something called Clearzit. You can get it at the dollar general for 1.50. It works so well. I have to use it to keep my chest clear and if I have any acne my chest is clear in about 3 to 5 days and stays that way as long as I keep using it. If that doesn't totally knock it out then wipe your chest, neck and back with a 2% S.A. wipe--let the area stay wet from the wipe and then slather on the BP cream. It totally works for me. For your face try epiduo.
  10. That is how my acne looked after I had to take sterioids when I got sick. My derm told my that it is called dull acne and that your skin needs to exfoliate to get rid of it. I would def suggest going to a derm and getting put on a retinoid. That is the only thing that worked for me because after I got off of the sterioids nothing I used previously would work at all so I totally understand what you mean. I am on Epiduo right now and that got rid of those little bumps within two weeks. Half of the
  11. KaterinaP

    No Where To Turn:/

    For your makeup you can always order it off of the walmart website--if that is cheaper or try amazon. A good moisturizer that didn't break me out (but I don't use it anymore bc my derm told me not to lol) is Simple rich moisturizer. It is very gentle and moisturizers really well. A little goes a long way and the best way to get the most from is to make sure your skin is still damp and then rub on the lotion. I have really, really, sensitive skin and that one worked for me. Physician's Formula ha
  12. KaterinaP

    No Where To Turn:/

    Also my derm told me not to use moisturizers because they make acne worse and clog up the skin easily. So far that has worked wonderful for me. I used to used moisturizers all the time so I am glad I stopped using them.
  13. KaterinaP

    No Where To Turn:/

    I would suggest going to a derm. I did the same thing and I was breaking out daily. My derm put me on Epiduo and a gentle cleanser (non-medicated). I am going to be 6 weeks into it starting tomorrow and my face looks 10 times better than it did before. Only the left side of my face is a little broken out right now but nothing that cant be covered up with makeup. If your face has little flakies, after you wash your face, try to self exfoliate it only with your fingers and the dry skin should come
  14. At the start of week 3 my skin was looking a little bit better than it did when I first started Epiduo. By the 3rd day into week 3 all hell broke loose on my face. I think I finally got the bad part of the initial breakout. My whole face was covered in acne, a few pimples were cystic, and they took a while to come to a head. I had about 13 active pimples on my face in one day....they just appeared overnight. This made me really sad and I worried that it was not working. I wanted to give up, but
  15. KaterinaP

    Epiduo Week 1

    I agree it is great so far and yeah the epiduo was causing me cysts but so far they have completely stopped.